High and Holy…

High and Holy…

photo by Link Taylor

photo by Link Taylor

(an acrostic prayer)

High and holy God, Father and creator of us all, we worship You today!

Interrupt our over-busy lives with the stillness of Your peace, Father.

Greater than all our anxious thoughts and prideful sins, O God, we come to see and to hear You in Your word today.

Hear us as we repent of our selfish ways, that we might again enjoy Your presence, O Lord.

Align our thoughts with Your thoughts, O God, that we may be what You want us to become.

New beings in You, O God, is what we seek as we confess and worship today!

Deliver Your church from the evils of this world, that it might be the light You mean for it to be.

High and holy is Your name, O God. May we always seek to lift high Your name as we walk this sod.

Open the floodgates of Your grace and mercy on us, Lord, when we are tempted to dwell in the land of our past mistakes and sins.

Lead us in the promised land that You have given to Your children. Help us not to be afraid of where You are leading!

You are our high and holy God, Father. Hear our prayers today as we worship You!

                 In the High and Holy name of Jesus, we pray! Amen!

The Path Continues…

Holy Ground…

Chris Adams 1

(an acrostic prayer)

Here in this place with these Your children, we come to worship with praise, adoration and thanksgiving, dear Father.

Only let us see You today, O God. Shield our mind’s eye from the fantasies of this world, Father. We cannot hide our thoughts from You!

Layer our minds with thoughts of You, Father. Laminate our hearts with Your love and grace that we may be strong for You today.

Yielded and still, seeking thy will,” as the songwriter has graced us with these words, Lord, we wait in Your presence just now.

Give us strength, Father; physical, spiritual, emotional and relational strength today that we might reflect You to our world.

Round the rough edges of our lives, Lord, that we might not rub others in such a way that would turn them away from seeking You.

Overlay Your gracious love on us that the world may know You and not our ungraciousness, dear God!

Underpin our faulty foundations with the strength of Your word, that we might not crumble in the face of temptation, Father. Hold us up, Lord!

Nourish us on Your story today, Father. May we read, listen and hear You speaking to us in this hour. May we feed on Your word, Lord.

Deliver us from the evil one in this time, Lord. May we be present in body, mind and spirit as we worship You now.

In the name of the one who makes all ground holy with His presence, we pray. Amen

The Path Continues…

Around Your Table…

Living Last Supper FBCSpringfield-1993

(an acrostic prayer)

Almighty and loving God, You who call us to Your supper and You who call us Your children, we long to fellowship with You today.

Receive our humble acceptance of Your call on us as we sup together and remember Your grace and mercy, Lord.

Occupy our thoughts, O God, as we move around Your table today. May we remember the depth of Your love portrayed in Your son.

Unchangeable You are, Lord. Help us to live in that assurance today, Father.

Necessary is this time to come aside and to be still and know who You are, O God. Instruct our silence before You, Father.

Display, once again, Father, Your love for us as we come together in remembrance. May our actions around Your table be symbols of our life lived for You.

Yearning to be more like You, Father, help us to live out Your love and Your compassion for this Your world.

Open the floodgates of Your presence on us as we wait before You today. May be we be seen as being present to You, O God.

Unfulfilled with the world’s presence, O God, we long to be filled with You today.

Remove the scales that we have allowed to be placed on our eyes and our hearts, O God. May we see with new eyes and feel with unhardened hearts today.

Table scraps is what we would dare to seek, yet You set us a banquet fit for a king in Your grace, Father.

Absurd we must seem to You as we say one thing and yet live another way in this world. Father, please forgive us!

Begging for forgiveness as we examine ourselves in the light of Your word, Father, we beg for Your mercy!

Lukewarm, we are at times about living for You, Father. We know what You have said about lukewarm-ness, Lord. Please, in Your mercy, don’t spew us out today.

Effect Your will in us today, O God, as we worship and remember.

         In the name of the one whose table at which we sit, even Jesus Christ our Lord, we pray. Amen

The Path Continues…

Lord, We Need You…

Crabtree Falls

(an acrostic prayer)

Loving and gracious, heavenly Father, we earnestly come to worship and to plead for Your presence and mercy, O God.

Over us, spread Your wings of grace to protect and to provide shelter from this world of sin, dear Father.

Relieve our sense of dread and fear, with Your peace and joy. Lord, we need You!

Deliver us from our sinfulness and show us Your sinless-ness through Your Word and Your Son today, dear Father.

Walk among us today, dear Lord, and help us see our need to be present with You in humility, in submission, and in compete obedience today.

Enthuse us with Your Spirit, Father, that we may indeed be more like You for having been in this worship time today.

Navigate us through the snares of this world, Lord. We stumble often, please forgive us. Lord, we need you!

Enlighten our ignorance of Your will, Father. No matter how or where we were born and raised, help us see You calling us to Your will and way, O God.

Endow us with wisdom that can only come from Your Spirit’s leading in our lives, Father.

Dispossess us of the thought that “we are god and You are not,” Father. Lord, we need You!

Your grace has brought us this far, Father. May we not turn our backs on Your leadership in our lives in the future. We need You, Lord!

Ornament Your church, dear God, with Your embellishing Spirit, even now. May we know Your abiding presence in this very time. Lord, we need You!

Upend us Father, from our comfortable-ness and send us to the uncomfortable-ness of this world that You may be seen in us. May we be Your instruments of love today!

In the name of the one who said, “I am with You always,” we pray. Amen!

The Path Continues…

Here In This Place…

Church Steeple Photo

(an acrostic prayer)

Heavenly Father, ruler of all and father of Your children, we worship You today!

Entering into this place, Father, we come to offer praise, such as we are able, to Your name.

Remind us, O Father, that You are God and we are not!

Empty us of our self-worship and fill us again with the sense of Your presence, O God.

Inform our ignorance, Father, with the knowledge that You are with us, in every minute, in every hour of every day, no matter what the circumstance.

Nothing can keep us from Your loving care, dear God. Help us to live in that knowledge today.

Take us from where we are to where You want us to be, O Lord. We need Your strength and courage.

Help us through Your grace to understand Your will and Your way as we worship today.

Instill in us, Your children, the trust to see Your hand in all of our paths, Father.

Save us in our temptations and sorrows, Lord. We know You want what is best for us.

Place within us, Father, Your love, joy, peace and patience as we walk with You daily!

Lift our heads, O God, that we may see You in the faces and hands of those You send to us each day.

Allay our fears, O Lord, by the power of Your Spirit living in us today.

Come among us, O God, as we wait before You God. Thank you for hearing us as we pray.

In the name of the one who fills this place with You, even Jesus, Your son, we pray. Amen!

The Path Continues…


Rocky Sunset-Shellie Ridenhour

(an acrostic prayer written for Edge Baptist Church Homecoming 2014)

Heavenly Father, creator and sustainer of us all, we come today to celebrate You and Your people known as Edge Baptist Church.

Open our hearts and minds as we rumble through our memories as we worship You and remember Your workings here in this place, Father.

Move us from our memories of You working in the past to the realization that You are still working here and will continue to work here, through and among Your people.

Enlighten us, once again, Father, with the power and realness of Your word in Your world today as we worship.

Carry us from our self-serving, self-seeking ways, to Your will of love, peace, joy and humility, dear Father,

Over and above everything we think we are or have been here, Father, help us to remember that You are God and we are not!

Mercy, Lord, we seek Your mercy as we come asking for Your forgiveness of our sins. May Your grace shower all around us today.

Infill us with Your Holy Spirit, Father, that we may see where You are calling us to be and to do Your will today.

Negate our wandering minds and hardened hearts as we worship today, Father. May we be pliable in Your will again that we may make You known in this place and beyond these walls.

God and Father of us all, we thank You and bless Your Holy name as we worship and celebrate today. May we look back with the anticipation of going forward in Your will as you still call us.

 In the name of the one who created us and has sustained us in these years and today, even Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen!

The Path Continues…

In The Beginning…

Gloria Scott Photo-Sunset Gladys VA Sept 2 2014

(an acrostic prayer)

Into Your house we have come once again, dear Father, to read Your story and to worship You as Lord of lords, and King of kings.

New hope swells up within us as we re-read Your love story to us, O God. Help us to allow Your Spirit to interpret Your word to us today.

Take us as we come, Father, deeper into Your very being as we bow today. Remind us of whose we are, O God.

Hear our prayer, O God. Receive us as we come as we share our intercessions, our petitions and our pleas for forgiveness. We need Your mercy, O Lord.

Empty our minds of the clutter of this world that we have allowed to gather that dims our view of You, dear Father.

Begin Your creative grace again in this world through us, O Lord. We need recreating in Your image, O God.

Engage us, once again, in the creative work of Your Kingdom in our world, by Your power, Father.

Grant us wisdom, grant us power, O Lord, that we might not fail to live in Your will today.

Invigorate us by the Power of Your Spirit, Father; individually and as Your people, to pursue Your peace among all peoples in Your will.

Negate our feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, with the reassurance of Your presence no matter what may come into our lives, Father.

Navigate us through, what we see as the dark paths of life, Father, with the certain knowledge that You know our path and are walking it with us and before us,

Instill in us the certainty that You are God and we are not!

Nearer to You, Father, we want to live in the nearness of Your love, joy, peace and forgiveness.

Go with us, Father, as we worship here and as we allow Your word to breathe new life into our troubles lives. Thank You, Father, for our story within Your story.

In the name of the author and finisher of our faith, even Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen!

The Path Continues…