God’s Mercy Seat…

Gloria Scott Photo-Gladys Virginia

(a worship prayer)

Gracious Father, Holy God, ruler of the universe, creator of us all, we come to worship You today.

Out of our sinfulness we come to Your sinless-ness to beg for Your mercy, O God.

Deliver us to Your mercy seat, Father, that we may sit and listen as You speak to us and cleanse us from our unrighteousness.

Save us, Father, from the seats of pleasure, pride, scorn and unlovely-ness at which we too often find ourselves seated.

Move us closer to You and Your mercy seat, O God, as You see our need for mercy. Supply what is needed to take our need away, we beg You today, Father.

Empty us of those worldly things that weigh us down and keep us from rising from the sinful places in our lives to Your holy place, O God.

Remove the attitude from within us that keeps us from acknowledging our sinfulness; that attitude of pride that says, “I can pull myself up by my own bootstraps.” We need Your help today, O God.

Circle us within Your love, O God, Your love that mercy grows out of and seeks to show grace among us.

Yonder, in that wideness of Your mercy, we long to rest and refresh as we plod the path of life here on this earth, Father.

Send us from Your mercy seat, Father, back into this world to show Your love, mercy and grace to all we meet today.

Enlighten us with the knowledge that Your love, mercy and grace are from everlasting to everlasting. May we find Your encouragement as we seek to do Your will, O God.

Allow us to be the instruments that would show someone else Your mercy today. May we be able to direct them to Your mercy seat that there they may commune with You personally, Father.

Transform this time at Your mercy seat into a time of intimate worship and praise, Father, as we seek and find You today.

In the name of mercy, even Jesus Christ, Your Son, we pray. Amen!

The Path Continues…

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