Christmas Eve…


(An Acrostic Prayer)

Come, let us adore Him,” we sing to worship You, O Lord, as we enter into this place tonight.

Herald angels have called to us with their singing and beckoned us to come and see You, Lord!

Ringing bells and singing voices adorn the hour as we come to the manger to worship You, O Lord.

Instruments of music sing forth Your glory as they are played for You, dear Lord.

Silence is also our sacrifice as we are awed by Your coming to us, to live among us, to show us how to live.

Timidity shows in our actions when we realize what You gave up to come to us, dear Jesus.

Much anticipation has dwelled within our hearts and minds as we have looked forward to this night, Father.

Assured that Your presence is with us, O Lord, we come to welcome You anew and afresh.

Shine Your heavenly light on us as You did on those shepherds to announce Your birth, O Emmanuel!

Enliven us by Your Holy Spirit, O Father, as we once again relive Your incarnation, Your coming in the flesh.

Visit us, personally and collectively, to renew our vision of Your will for our lives.

Emmanuel, God with us, we come to adore You.  Amen!

The Path Continues…


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