(an acrostic prayer)

Unto You, our dear Father, we come to seek Your face in Your word and in the enlightening of Your Holy Spirit as we bow in worship and adoration this morning.

Nearer to You we would draw today, O Lord. We need to know Your presence. You have promised in Your word that if we draw near to You that You would be there near us. We praise You for Your promises.

In Your presence we ask for forgiveness of our sins, O God. We are aware that we have been stained by the sins of this world and we ask for the cleansing that only You can give. We ask You, once again, to make us white as wool through the cleansing power of Your blood shed for us on Calvary’s hill.

Teach us to be love, joy, peace, patience, self-control, good, kind, faithful and gentle as we walk the path You have given to us to walk. Help us to see the people who You put in our path and be You to them.

You, O God, are to be praised and lifted up in our lives and in our witness daily for You. May we live as You would have us to live and be united in our love for You as we live and breathe and work for You in Your kingdom here in this place and to the uttermost parts of this world and also to the uttermost parts of our hearts and minds.

We pray in the unity of the Spirit and in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen!

The Path Continues…


Tears in a Bottle…

(an acrostic prayer)

Today, O God, we come to lay down the burdens of this life at Your feet, and worship You, and only You!

Empty us of our pride of self and cleanse us from our sins, Father.

Attune our hearts and minds to Your spirit’s leading today as we read and hear Your Word, O God.

Remove the tone of our tongues that would spew hate and self-righteousness in our words and actions, O God!

Save us from the worries of this age and the sins of this world, Father. We long for Your peace of mind, spirit, and body.

Instruct us today in Your commands and in Your thoughts, Father. May we learn more of You for having been in this place, at this time, with these people!

Nudge us from our complacent places of ease into the fury of this world’s helplessness. May we be useful to You in those places you send us!

Allow us to see and to respond to the needs of people that You place in our daily paths, O God. You have blessed us immeasurably. May we share as has been shared with us.

Beseeching You, O God, of Your mercy and healing today, we bow low in humble adoration.

Open us to the overwhelming grace that you pour out on us, O God. May we be grace-channels to reach this world for You.

Thank You, O God, for watching over us and caring for us so much. You know our struggles and You collect our tears in Your bottle and write them in Your book, Father. O how we love You!

Transform this Your people into a force for You here in this place and as You sprinkle us in this world, O Father.

Leaning into You, O God, we know we cannot stand on our own. Hold us in the palm of Your hand, Father, please!

Envelope us in Your Holy Spirit as we sing, as we pray, and as we allow Your Word to sink deep within us that we might stand before You; Almighty God Alone.

We pray in the name of Your Son, our Savior, even Jesus Christ.  Amen!

The Path Continues…

Desperate for God…

(an acrostic prayer)

Dearest heavenly Father, we come seeking and searching for You this morning as we gather together to celebrate and worship!

Empty us of our sinful residue and clean us from our unrighteousness and make us useful to Your kingdom’s work in this place.

Save us from ourselves, O God. We are undone without Your care and mercy. Forgive us of our pride and lead us into Your peace.

Prepare our hearts and minds today to receive Your Word as we worship and pray and seek Your face, O God!

Enter into our space today, Father, as we come as little children acknowledging our desperation to find You.

Return us to the right and lead us to do that which You call us to do, dear Lord.

Attune our hearts to the beat of Your heart, dear God. May we sense Your heart’s desire for us today.

Tether us tightly to You for we are easily slung away from Your center of love and mercy by this world allures.

Enthuse us by the power of Your Spirit, Father, that we may knock and seek and enter in to Your righteousness!

Forgive our foolish ways, dear God for your name’s sake. Clean us with Your powerful hand and set us forward on the path You have for us!

Open our hearts again to You and fill us with the sweet savor of Your righteousness and help us to share it with others in our path, Father!

Remember us for Your name’s sake and forgive our sins for Your Son’s sake, for we have nothing to offer of ourselves, dear God!

Give us the ability to understand more about You and what You would have us to become, Dear Lord.

Over and above all of our wants and desires, Father, we are desperate to be Your children and become all that that means in this world!

Defend us from the evil that is so prevalent in this world for we are desperate to show You to the others. May we be more like You for having been here today. Thank You, Father.

In the name of the one we are desperate to be like, even Jesus Christ our Lord, we pray. Amen and Amen!

The Path Continues…

Church or Club?…i


(an acrostic prayer)

Coming to You, our Father, we long for a renewed sense of Your presence with us today, as we worship You!

Hear our prayers, O Lord. We lay our very souls at Your feet and ask that You bend Your ear to us just now.

Unite us around Your word today, Father. We are often disjointed and confused in our thinking about Your church.

Renew our faith in You, and continue to call us to do Your kingdom’s work in this place and this community.

Confound the evil in this world and put us in the very place that You want to use us to overcome this world.

Help us to be Your church in this world. May we be the influence that causes others to see You and Your will for them, O God.

Open our hearts today to the meaning of Your word, Lord, that we may grow in Your grace and mercy.

Remove the stain of our sin and make us into Your image again so that others would want to ask why we are so different, Father!

Cause us to see You as You want us to see You. We truly want to be what You created us to become.

Lead us, O God, to be more like You for having been in this place today to worship and praise You.

Undo the mess we have made of our lives, Father. We need Your cleansing and recreating that we may be useful here in Your place and beyond.

Before we leave this place today, Father, mend our minds and show us what we are to be in Your kingdom.

In the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, we pray. Amen!

The Path Continues…

Watch Me, Dad!…

(an acrostic prayer)

Wondrous heavenly Father, we bow before You today in worship, praise, and adoration.

Attracted to Your goodness and mercy, we long for You Jesus! We want to live in Your presence. We invite You to watch over us!

Today is Your day, Father. You have made it for us. We acknowledge Your creation with all of its beauty and order given to us, Your children.

Come and watch over us, we pray, O God. We really do want Your watch care. Sometimes we don’t respond well to being watched, Father, but we need You to watch over us, please?

Hear our prayer, Father. During this season of life we remember past things and, perhaps we laugh, perhaps we cry, and sometimes we are numb to the remembrances. Hear, O Lord.

Mend our skinned knees from the times we have run ahead of or away from You and have fallen in our sins, Father.

Empty us of our selfish pride that tends to keep us in a broken state of mind and body, O God.

Dilute the sinful influences of this world’s allures with the power of Your word and the leading of Your Holy Spirit, Father.

Allow us to be “watch-worthy” imitators of You, Father. May others see, feel, and know Jesus in us each day.

Delay Your judgement for Your name’s sake, Father, as we strive to tell others of Your saving grace and help us to be watch-worthy witnesses daily.

We pray in Your name, Jesus. Thank You for watching Your children. Amen!

The Path Continues…

Them Bones…

(an acrostic prayer)

Today, O God, we come to hear as You speak Your word to us. We long to hear and to understand.

Hear our prayers of repentance and our seeking Your mercies upon us today that we might be revived in Your Spirit.

Enter into our worship time to cleanse and to purify us that we may be useful in Your reviving our church, our community and our world!

Move us from being dry bones to be people filled with the springs of Your living water as we reach out to others, O God!

Begin a new thing in us today, O Lord. Help us to be renewed in spirit and in truth that we may share You with this world.

Open our minds to the truth of Your word, Father. Help us to listen and to  allow Your Holy Spirit to move the word into our hearts as well as our minds.

Negate Satan’s power over us in this worship time that we may truly see Your hand upon us today, dear God.

Envelope us with Your peace that passes all of our understanding, and lead us back to the joy of our salvation.

Save us from ourselves, O God, for we are undone as we live with this world too much. We love You, Father, forgive us when we fail You!

The Path Continues…

Are We a Loving Church?…

(an acrostic prayer)

Almighty God, Father of us all, creator and sustainer of all life, we come to worship You today as Your children!

Remove the guilt of our sins, Father, as we seek forgiveness in repentance today.

Enthuse us through the power of Your Spirit, Father, that we may be useful to You in Your Kingdom’s work in this church and community!

Work in and through us today, O Lord, that Jesus would be lifted high that the world in which we live might see Him and not us.

Enter in to our very beings, O God, and renew a right spirit in us as we repent of our sins today!

Accept our longing to be used in Your work here as well as where we live and work and take our leisure.

Lead us into Your love, O Father. Help us to prefer one another over ourselves and show us how, where, and when to be Your love.

Open the windows of heaven, O God, and wash over us with Your grace and mercy as we truly seek Your face in this time.

Vision us with Your eyes, O Lord. May we be more like You for having been in this worship time today.

Interpret to us Your word, O God and lead us in the paths of righteousness for Your name’s sake.

Nudge us from the familiar path that we so love to tread into the path less taken that we may take Your love there.

Go with us, Father, as we try to walk in the light, yet we live in such a dark world at times!

Cast us not away from Your presence, O God, when we become more of the world instead of influencing the world for You.

Help us to love others as You love them and as You love us, Father. May others come to see Your love in and through us, Your children.

Unfold Your plan for each of us today as we read, sing and pray Your word and hear Your voice, O God.

Return to us the Joy of Your salvation, Father, for we have sinned and fallen very short of Your glory.

Connect us, O Lord, with the people who needs to know You who are already in our path. May we have eyes to see and spirits to know.

Hear us, O Lord! May the words that we say become for You a sweet savor in Your nostrils as we pray.

In the name of love, even Jesus Christ, we pray! Amen.

The Path Continues…