Our Father…

Mr. Patsel-Sky at Myrtle Beach, SC

Photo: Ralph Patsel (in memory)

(an acrostic prayer)

Out of a deep sense of wonder and awe, we come into this place to worship You, our Father.

Usher us into Your presence, Father, as we seek to learn from Your word how to pray today.

Rescind Your judgement on us, Lord, for we pray for forgiveness for having been too much of this world.

Forging a life without Your presence, Father, is an arduous, painful and fruitless existence. Come, our Father. Come quickly!

Accept our longing to know You, Father, as our real want and desire as we sit at Your feet today.

Take us from our shallow understanding of Your word into a deeper appreciation for You in Your word, our Father.

Hear our cries to You, Father, as children in need of Your correction, Your mercy, Your love and Your grace. Teach us how to be Your children.

Employ Your Spirit to lead us to all truth, Father. Open our eyes, minds and souls to hear Your teaching today.

Running to Your arms, Father, we come! We need Your wisdom, Your discernment, Your grace and Your will for each of us today. Teach us, our Father.

In the name of the one who shows us our Father, we pray. Amen

The Path Continues…

Desperate for God…

Cherry tree in fog

(an acrostic prayer)

Dearest Father, lover of my soul, I come to say, “I Love You.” Hear my prayer, O Lord, for I seek Your face in worship today!

Enter into my being, O God, for I fear the things of this earth have entered into me. I feel desperate to be cleaned by Your Spirit’s power.

Save me, O Lord, from the tempter’s lies and persuasions. I hear too many voices call me to come after them. O God, calm my spirit.

Please accept my plea for forgiveness of the sins of pride and selfishness, Father. They over-wash me at times, Lord.  Please help me!

Early in the morning, my soul turns to You, O God. Grant me to walk with You in Your mercies that are new each day.

Return the joy of my salvation as I wait on you, Father. Desperation seems close at times, O Lord. Come closer, Lord.

Attune my heart to Your heart, Father. May my wants and desires beat in rhythm with Your wants and desires for me.

Touch me again, my Lord, and make me clean that I might be useful to You in this place and on this path.

Enclose me in Your love’s embrace that all my fears and desperate feelings would be washed away by Your grace and mercy, O Father.

Forgive me, Father, for I long to be Your child, in Your will, in this place, for Your glory, not mine!

Open the windows of Your grace and shower Your love on me, I pray, dear God.

Replace the sin and sorrow of this world with the assurance of Your presence, O God.

Go before me, O God, and make straight the paths you would have me take. Hedge me in, around and about, Father.

Overcome my lack of courage and lead me to help lead others to worship and adore You, Father.

Desperation can be a deadly thing, Father. Thank You that You are life and You overcome death in us. I lift up unholy hands seeking to offer You praise, Father. Thank You for hearing, O Lord!

In the name of the one who hears my desperate cries, I pray. Amen!

The Path Continues…

Praise You…

Aubrey Wiley photo

photo: Aubrey Wiley

(an acrostic prayer)

Precious Lord, Father of us all, we come in worship to praise You and to give our thanksgiving to You in this place.

Repair our sinful minds and hearts that have been broken by the sins and temptations of this world, O Father.

Allow us to bow in Your presence and to bring praise to You, such as we can, even as we ask forgiveness for the sin in our lives and the lack of realizing that You are the only true God and we are not.

Inspire our minds to remember who You are and what You have already done for us through Your Son, Jesus Christ and in Your Spirit’s leading and comfort in our lives each day.

Send us to this world to be Your incarnation, Your skin, Your witness and Your love, dear Father. We praise Your loving mercy among us, O Lord.

Enclose us in Your mighty grasp and hold us firm, even as we struggle to get loose, Father. Bring us once again into Your close embrace.

Yearning to be more like You and less like us, we want to praise You more, love You more, and show You more, O God!

Offering You praise, Father, is our worship today. Accept this as just a small part of our offering of a sacrifice of praise in Your presence.

Use us, Lord, to witness to this world through our offering of praise to You. May our praise lead to a life lived in You when we leave this place, Father!

In praise to You, O God, we pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Your son.  Amen!

The Path Continues…

Fruit Bearing ~

Always search God’s word before making any decision for you or for your church or family. Listen to God as he speaks through His Spirit to intrepet Hid word to us…

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Fruit Bearing ~ CHRISTian poetry by deborah ann

If we want to bear fruit,
if we want to stay green
then off the Word of God
we must constantly glean.

We need the waters of life,
to be on a constant flow
we need our roots nourished
so our faith in God can grow.

If we are to spread out,
if we are to far reach
then we must live the life
we’re so willing to preach.

If we are not to faint,
if we are not to wither
then we need to grow smaller
so God can become bigger.

If we want to be blessed,
we need to keep our hope alive
and into the Word of God
we must constantly dive!

Jeremiah 17:7-8

“Blessed is the man that trusteth
in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is.

“For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters,
and that spreadeth out her…

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Till He Come…

Chris Adams 1

photo: Chris Adams

(an acrostic prayer)

Together in this place, we come to remember and to worship You, O God!

Instill in us the wonder and awe of Your calling us to come to Your table to sit and remember You, Father.

Lead us, once again, into Your presence that we might celebrate You as we come in worship, till you come again.

Loving, Lord Jesus, You have asked us to be faithful in our eating Your supper to remember and to obey You.  We bow in worship, here at Your table.

Heal our brokenness, dear Lord, as You healed the broken bodies when You were here with us. Your word brings the healing balm that we desperately need. Help us to understand!

Enter into our spirits, Father, as we eat this bread and drink this cup in obedience to You, till you come!

Come, Lord Jesus! Even so, come quickly to receive Your children as we wait and worship, till you come.

Open our eyes and our minds to see what You would have us do in Your kingdom’s work, till You come, Father.

Move us from the apathy of our world to a renewed sense of Your purpose for us as we wait, till you come.

Envelope us in Your love again, Father, that we may go from this Your table to envelope others in Your love as You lead us to them, till you come.

In the name of the one who is coming, even Jesus Christ, we pray!  Amen!!

 The Path Continues…

Oh Yeah? So What?…

tree-amanda Bixler

photo: Amanda Bixler

(an acrostic prayer)

Oh, dear Lord, we fall before you today in adoration and praise as we worship You.

Hear our prayer, Father, as we lay down our selfish selves at Your feet pleading for mercy and forgiveness.

Yearning to overcome our doubt and unbelief, we seek Your face for the assurance of Your presence as we wait on You just now, O Lord.

Enthuse us with Your Spirit, Father, as we seek to walk the path You have for each of us. May we hear Your call to come and dine with You.

Allow Your children to see You in the faces and lives of those that You bring to us daily. Help us to not overlook You as You work in them and us.

Help us, dear Father, to not be arrogant of spirit, but rather to be tender in spirit and in heart, so that You may mold us into Your hands and feet in this world.

Send Your Spirit today to wash us and to cleanse us that we may be useful utensils in this Your place, O Lord.

Open our ears to hear You calling us to be You in this place that we might spill out to the places we live and breathe and have our being, Father.

Wrap us in Your love, O God, so that others may see You in us as we call them to come and eat with at Your meal, daily.

Heal the broken spirits and souls that are among us, Father. Only You can heal the brokenness we see and feel today.

Alone in Your hand, O God, we come to feel the caress of Your love as You hold us close to You in the bonds of love.

Teach us again, Lord, to yearn for Your presence, to look for Your presence, to see You wherever we are, and to listen for Your call to “Come.”

We pray in the name of the only one who can answer our questions of “Oh Yeah?” And “So What?”, even Jesus the risen Christ. Amen!

The Path Continues…