Aroma of Christ…


(an acrostic prayer)

Almighty God, loving Father, and gracious Savior, we come to worship You in the presence of Your Holiness.

Receive us, Your children, as we come in adoration and praise to You, dear Father. We seek to be in Your presence as we worship.

Open our ears that we may hear You speak through the reading of Your Word today, O God. We long to know more of You today.

Move us from where we are to where You would have us be, Father. We need Your tender leading and guiding by You Holy Spirit!

Attune our hearts to receive Your message of grace, truth, love and mercy as we become more of Your witnesses in this world.

Open the eyes of our hearts, Lord, that we would be able to see You and to know You as we seek Your presence in our worship today.

Forgive us of our sin, Father. We long to be made clean and to be useful in Your kingdom’s work here in this place and wherever You would send us.

Cover us with the loving hands of Your powerful right arm, dear Father. Keep us safe from the attacks of Satan and heal our brokenness!

Hear us, O God, as we call on You! We cry out in our shamefulness to seek forgiveness of our prideful ways.

Remove the stain of our sins, O God, and renew a right spirit within us that we may witness to Your love and mercy to all we come to meet each day.

Instill in us the “fragrance of the knowledge of Your Son” that we may spread His aroma wherever we find ourselves daily.

Send us to bring You into the world that smells of Satan that we may replace those smells with the fragrance of Christ in our lives.

Take us today, Father. Wash us, clean us, refresh us with the knowledge of Your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ, that we may share Him for His glory.

We pray in the name of the only one who is the aroma that the world needs to know, even Jesus Christ. Amen!

The Path Continues…



(an acrostic prayer)

Wondrous God, Heavenly Father, Creator and Sustainer of life, Savior and Redeemer of us all, we come to learn more of You today. Open our ears to hear You speak through Your Word. Repurpose our hearts so that we may have the “want to” to do Your will each day. Remove the scales from our eyes that we may see You working in this world, even when we struggle or are persecuted and we can’t seem to find You.

Help us, dear Father, to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. Help us to seek the right answer to our question of, “Why?” Help our memory, Lord, when we question, “Where are You and why aren’t You helping us?” Help us to sense Your presence especially in the times when we feel You have forsaken us.

You, alone are to be praised, Father. You, alone are Holy and worthy of praise. You, alone, can provide the stability we seek in a seemingly unstable world. You, Father, through Your Son, Jesus Christ, are the only reason we can raise our voices in praise. You, alone are always there for us, Your children.

We pray in the Holy name of Jesus, our Savior. Amen!

The Path Continues…


Running on Empty…


(an acrostic prayer)

Running into Your arms, O Father, we come to worship and show our adoration with praise on our lips and stillness in our hearts today!

Under the shadow of Your protective grace and mercy, we come in repentance seeking forgiveness from You, our Redeemer and Savior.

Nearer, still nearer, we seek to be by Your side in ever comforting nearness, dear Father. We need Your nearness today.

Needing the filling of Your Spirit, we come to kneel in humility and adoration to allow You to fill us full of You, O Lord.

Inspire us to be channels of Your love and mercy as we run the race You have planned for us, O God.

Nudge us from our self-appointed thrones and lead us back to the rock of our salvation, even Jesus Christ, Your Son.

Give us the ability to distinguish the spirits of this world from Your Spirit as we learn to discern and test them each day.

Open our hearts and minds to the truth of Your Word. Remake us in Your likeness and remold us in Your image, dear Father.

Negate the temptations of this world with the power of Your Word living in us, dear God. We long to be Your witnesses in this world today.

Empty, we are empty without the filling of Your Holy Spirit, dear Father. Fill us full of Your grace and mercy.

Move us in the stream of Your love as we live our lives as Your witnesses to this loveless world.

Push us, Lord, pass the sins of our flesh into the sinless perfection of Your forgiveness and mercy.

Teach us to renew our commitment to You, Father, as we seek to be Your hands, Your feet, and Your body in this place.

You alone are worthy of our praise, O Lord! We want to live in Your presence in the daily-ness of our lives.

We offer this prayer in the name of who offered His life for our eternal life, even Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen

The Path Continues…


Attitude Adjustment…


(an acrostic prayer)

Almighty Father, loving Jesus, leading Spirit, we come in praise and adoration to worship You among Your people.

Tune us to Your channel today, O Lord, that we may hear and understand Your Word as You teach us to adjust our attitudes towards You and each other.

Take away our bent to sinning, Father. Only You can set us aright on the path that You have chosen for us.

Inspire us to seek Your face early in the morning so that we may see where it is that You want us to go for You.

Teach us to renew our commitment to You as You show us more of Yourself through Your Word and through Your opening our eyes to Your kingdom’s presence here just now.

Unite us with You through Your Holy Spirit’s leading and guidance. May we follow Your Spirit.

Distance us from the temptations of the day and help us to learn to seek You in our times of need, dear Father.

Enter into our worship time just now, O God, and help us  to listen to You as You speak from Your Word.

Adjust our attitudes, O Lord, that we may be useful to You in Your kingdom’s work here in this place and around this world.

Descend upon Your church in power and grace that we, Your children, might be what we need to be to help You show Your mercy!

Justify us in the blood of Your son, our Savior, Jesus, dear Father. Send us into this world to help the people there to see You.

Use us in Your grace to spread the love that You have shown to us, O Lord. May we be channels of Your love.

Save us from our selfish attitudes and help us to become Your love personified that people may be won to You in the spirit of humility and mercy.

Trim the excesses from us, Lord, that we world offers and replace them with Your attitude of peace, love, and grace.

Move our hearts and minds into Your sphere of influence that we become more like You each day that we live.

Evoke in our memories Your great sacrifice for us, dear Jesus. May we become more like You as we worship today.

Meet us on the roads You have called us to walk and lead us to those places that we need to tell others of Your great love.

Touch us in our hearts and minds as we leave our public worship that we may shine Your light of salvation into the dark places of this world, Father.

It is in the name of Jesus Christ, the ultimate attitude adjuster, we pray. Amen!

The Path Continues…




(an acrostic prayer)

Majestic Master, almighty Savior, eternal Lord, and loving Father, we come in solemn worship of You and all that You are.

Accept us we come in humble adoration and praise for where You have brought us from and we look forward to where You are taking us, dear Father.

Restore the margins of our lives, O Lord, that we see what You have written as the plan for our lives. Help us not to write our stuff over what You have already written for us.

Grant us something of Your vision that You have for each of us, O Lord. May we see as You see and become what You have margined us to become.

Instill in us Your margins for our lives as we seek to live out You in our lives each day that we live, dear Father.

Notion us with Your Spirit today, Father. May we be examples of what Your Spirit can do in the lives of Your children.

Send us into this margin-less world with Your margins around us and allow us to show what Your margins look like to our neighbors, our family, and to our friends, O Lord.

It is in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, that we pray and believe! Amen!

The Path Continues…



Jane Voegler…


(an acrostic prayer in memory of a friend)

Justifiably sad we are, O Loving Father, we feel extreme loss at the death of our friend, Jane Voegler.

Attend to her family as we bring them to You in prayer for Your comfort and peace to wash over them just now, dear Father.

Nearer to You, Father, we feel the real need to be assured of Your presence now. We miss our friend in a multitude of ways right now and we know only You can come into that to fill it full.

Enter into our earthly time and space, dear God. We cannot go on in this time with this grief without Your presence.

Visibly shaken by the loss of so many of our dear friends and family members  recently, we are undone. We know You are our only hope of strength and peace, dear Lord.

Open the floor of heaven and flood Your grace over us and open our eyes and hearts to Your love and mercy, O God!

Envelope this family and friends in Your powerful hands and wrap them in Your sheltering arms, loving Father.

Give us, Your children, a measure of Your understanding that we may see something of Your plan and will for our lives, on this side of this death, O God!

Lead us Lord, for we are lost in our pursuit of meaning that comes in the experience of death.

Erode the hard edges of our hearts today, dear Lord. We confess we are in a place where we would ask questions  like, “why?” or “why now?” Deal with us in Your gentleness and kindness Father. We know You love us and we love You, even in this valley of death.

Receive our dear friend in the fullness of Your grace and mercy as we thank you for giving her to us for these years and we thank You for the influences of her life that will last throughout our lives here on this earth, dear God!

It is in Your name, dear Jesus, that we pray and believe. Amen!

The Path Continues…


Chasing Lions…

Lion, Predator, Dangerous, Mane, Big Cat

(an acrostic prayer)

Cover us, dear Father with the covering of Your grace and mercy as we come to worship and praise You.

Hear our prayers from the very depths of our souls and spirits today, Lord. We need to communicate with You today.

Attune our hearts and minds to hear You speak from Your Word, dear Father. May our hearts be pliable in Your hands!

Save us from our comfortable, self seeking ways and send us into the field ripe unto harvest to risk ourselves in Your kingdom’s work, dear Jesus.

Invigorate our minds that we can see what needs to be done and set our feet to doing it for You, O Lord.

Nudge us off of the throne of our lives, O God, and replace us with Yourself. May we accept You, once again as Lord and Savior of us all.

Give us a sense of what You can do if we would just let You guide and direct our thoughts, our actions, and our wants, O Lord.

 Lift us from the miry clay that encumbers our feet as we try to take the necessary risks to share You to our families, our friends, our acquaintances and to this world, dear Father.

Infuse us with Your words, “If God is for us who can be against us?” Help us to live in your holy boldness and all sufficient grace.

Open the doors of our hearts and fill them with You, O Lord. May we be so full of You that we spill over onto everyone we meet this week!

Never alone are the least of Your children, You have promised to be with us, Father. Help us to live in that promise today.

Send us from our worship into the world where we can risk our lives for You in the work of Your kingdom, dear Savior.

We pray in the name of the one who risked all for us, even Jesus Christ! Amen and amen.

The Path Continues…