A Cappella…

 (an acrostic prayer)

Almighty God, creator and sustainer of all of creation, we come to worship You today with all that we are and all that we hope to become in You.

Come, Holy Spirit and cleanse us so that we may be acceptable in the sight of Father God and Jesus our savior.

Approve us before the Father and cleanse us from all unrighteousness that we may sing the songs of faith within our spirits and souls today as an offering to You, dear Jesus!

Prepare our hearts and minds for Your Word, Father, that it may sink deep within us as we hear You speak, Holy Spirit.

Preserve the power of Your Spirit working in and through us, O Lord. May we be able to remember the song that You have given us in past days.

Enable Your children to sing the song of faith in the midst of the trials and the sorrows in which we find ourselves today, O Lord. Call to our remembrance, Your faithfulness.

Lead us from the despair and temptations that Satan places before us, Father. May we, like Your prophets of old, withstand the blistering forces of evil in our world today.

Live through us, dear Father, that the world may hear and know our song of faith in You through Jesus Christ, Your Son, and our Savior.

Accept our pleas today, O Lord. Holy Spirit, come lead us. Father, forgive us and renew our ability to sing Your song in this weary time.

In the name of the creator of the song of our life, even Jesus Christ, we pray! Amen!

The Path Continues…

Alpha and Omega…

(an acrostic prayer)

Almighty God, loving Father, and comforting Spirit, we come to worship You in spirit and in truth this morning as we gather as Your children.

Lead us into Your very presence today, Father, as we study YOU, the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, our everything.

Place us in the very middle of Your will that we may do the good works that You had planned for us in the very beginning of creation, O God.

Help us to hear You speak to us today from Your Holy Word that we may be made new and clean in Your sight, Holy Father.

Allow Your Spirit to dwell in us with power to clean, comfort to care, and wisdom to guide us into Your everlasting kingdom.

Attune our minds, our hearts, our spirits to Your voice, Father. Help us to be distinctive as we live for You. May others see You living in and through us this day and in the future days that You may give.

Nurture us with Your Word, dear Father. Help us to know You more as we study Your Word together today. May we be more like You for having gathered here as Your children today.

Delight Yourself, O Lord, in Your people as they seek You today in prayer, in song, in proclamation, and in silence.

Open the windows of heaven today, O Lord, and listen to Your children praising You and lifting songs of thanksgiving to You as they worship You.

Move us from our self-imposed darkness to the light of living in and for You, Father, not only in our worship, but also as we live in You, the beginning and the ending of everything.

Enter into our thoughts and our actions as we live. Help us to live as though it makes a difference that we know You, Father. 

Give us grace to love You more, to live for You more, to give as we have received, to love others as You love us and to go as You have commanded us to share You with this world, dear Father.

Accept our prayer this hour, Father. Make us acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, our Redeemer, our Alpha, and our Omega.

It is in the name of the only Alpha and Omega, even Jesus Christ, we pray! Amen and Amen!

The Path Continues…

The True Vine…

(an acrostic prayer)

Today in the beauty of Your holiness we come to bow down and worship, dear God and Father of mankind.

Hear our pleas for forgiveness and cleansing as we seek to be more like You today in this hour and in the hours ahead of us, O Lord.

Enter into our very beings with the power of Your Holy Spirit and reveal to us Your will as we worship and praise You, Father.

Take us from our self reliant prideful ways into Your Holy and Righteous ways that we may show You to our world, O God!

Remake us in Your image of worthiness that we might be able to stay in You and feed from You today.

Undo the stains that our sin has left on our witness for You and make us useful vessels in Your kingdom’s work here.

Even today, the day we come together to worship, O God, is a day of praise and celebration as we offer ourselves again to You.

Validate Your love in us by helping us to show Your love to the weary world in which we live today, O God.

Illiterate we are at time of what Your Word means to our lives, please interpret to us, Your children, in the power of Your Holy Spirit, we pray.

Nudge us along today, Father, as You have nudged Your people in times past to become more of you and less of us on this very day.

Enough of us, more of You is what we seek as we worship You today, Father. We want to abide in You and to love You more for having been in this place today. Send us forth to be Your power in this world today.

In the name of the “true vine” we pray today, even in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

The Path Continues…

Way, Truth, Life…

(an acrostic prayer)

Wondrous Father, beautiful Savior, holy of Holies, we come in reverence and humility to worship You today.

Accept our words of adoration and songs of praise that we give to You in this time and in this place, dear Lord.

Yours is the kingdom and the glory forever and forever, O God. We come acknowledging that we are the sheep of Your pasture today. 

Tell us again, Father, of Your love for us as we come confessing our sin and asking forgiveness, for we know we are sinners.

Remove the dross of this world from our souls and spirits today that we may shine for You and reflect Your goodness to our world, dear Father.

Under the shadow of Your wings of protection, dear Father, guide us along to the way, the truth and the life that You are.

Tether us tightly to Your truth as You instruct us in Your Word. May we seek to find You in every day that we live, Father.

Help us to know Your truth and allow it to lead us from where we are weak and worried to Your love and peace, O God.

Lead us, Lord, we need Your helping hands and comforting embrace to be able to see You in the dailiness of our days.

Infuse us with Your Spirit of life and show us Your life living in us through Your Spirit, Father.

Further our scope of influence from our families and our friends to the people You bring into our paths.

Ento our time today, Father, and fill us with Your presence that we may show others that You are indeed the I Am – the way, the truth and the life. 

In the name of Jesus, the I AM among us, we pray. Amen!

The Path Continues…

Resurrection and Life….

(an acrostic prayer)

Returning to Your love and forgiveness, we come to worship You with praise and thanksgiving, dear Father.

Empty us of our selfishness and pride, dear Lord, and remake us in Your image that we may reflect You to our world.

Surround us with Your presence and instill in us Your Spirit of power and confidence in Your love for us.

Upend our well made plans and replace them with Your will for our lives and for Your church in this place, O God!

Remember our sins no more, Father. We ask for forgiveness and cleansing that we may be useful to You.

Resurrect our lives that we may show You to our families, our friends, and to our community, O Lord.

Enter into our worship time, just now, Father. Open our minds and our spirits that we may hear You say that You are the resurrection and life and now You are saying it to us today.

Center us around Your Word and allow Your Holy Spirit to help us understand what You are saying to us in this time today, Father.

Take us from our daily selfishness and conceit and move us along the way of becoming more like You today, dear Lord.

Instill in us the “want to” to be Your children in our world and to tell our world that we are Christians, Father.

Over and above anything that we can bring to You, Father, receive us into Your care and help us to become holy as You are holy.

Negate our ineffective witness as we show people who we are instead of who You are in us, dear God.

Attune us to Your Word, Father, and help us to sing it as we go about living the lives You want for each of us this week.

Needing the life that only You give, dear Jesus, we come in humility to bow down and worship You!

Dominion is Yours, Father, over all that we have and all that we hope to achieve. We long to be in Your presence today!

Let us hear You again saying who You are and who You want us to become, dear Father.

Illumine us through the power of Your Holy Spirit that we may see You in the everydayness of our lives, Father.

Feed us with the word of truth and empower us to share that word with those You bring into our paths.

Envision in us, Your love, Your joy, Your peace, and Your life, dear Lord, that we may believe You today.

We pray in the name of the resurrection and the life, even Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen!

The Path Continues…

Good Shepherd…

(an acrostic prayer)

God, our Father, we come in the power of Your Holy Spirit and through Your Son, Jesus Christ, to worship You in the spirit of holiness.

Over and above our wants, O Lord, show us our needs that we would know how to pray and how to allow You to meet those needs today.

Open the very depth of our hearts and minds and souls that we may allow You to take us into Your sheepfold and keep us, dear Father.

Deliver us from the wolves and robbers that would come and overwhelm us with the temptations and the lusts of this life. Lord, we need You!

Show us the way of truth and the way of love and the way of righteousness that we may walk them with You, O God.

Help us to listen to Your instruction from Your word, dear Father. We long to know You more and to live You more though Your Spirit’s leading.

Enter into our time and place today, dear God, and cleanse us from our sins that we might be useful to Your kingdom here in this place and in our communities and world.

Prepare us for the task that You have for us to accomplish in this life. May we know Your plan and purpose for us, Father.

Hear our prayer, O Lord. Hear our prayer. We long to know Your presence in a real-life instance as we live and breathe and have our being.

Even as we try to pray this prayer, O Lord, lead us from our self presumption and pride to Your humility and Your forgiveness.

Remember our sins no more as we long to be clean before You for we long to be usable for Your work here on earth.

Dear Savior, we thank you for saving us, for securing us, and for satisfying us with Your mighty hand, dear Father. We love You!

In the name of the only Good Shepherd, we pray and believe. Amen!

The Path Continues…