Thankful Anticipation…


photo: Hammond Coates

(an acrostic prayer)

To You, O God, we come with thankful hearts and anticipation to worship You today!

Hear our prayers of gratitude as we stop to seek Your presence in the midst of our busy world, Father.

Accept our pleas for forgiveness, dear Lord. We know we have sinned. Please extend Your mercy once again.

Near to Your heart is where we long to be, Father. Save us for Your name’s sake!

Keep us from the temptation to say that we are all we need instead of saying to You “thank you” for all that we are, O God!

For Your son’s coming the first time, we are grateful and we look forward with anticipation for his second coming, Father!

Use us, O Lord, to tell this world of Your love through Your son and to help them to know You through him, Father.

Lead us from this comfortable place into the world where people are far less comfortable where they live and how they live their lives, O God.

Attune our hearts to those who live without You, Lord. Send us to them in Your grace and mercy.

Nudge us to see what we would rather not see and to move where we would rather not go, in Your mercy and grace, Father.

Teach us to renew our commitment to You in these thankful and anticipatory seasons of life, O God.

Instill in us a new sense of urgency as we anticipate Your love being manifested in this world once again, Father.

Continue Your will for us, Father. We sometimes are stubborn and kick against the prods, but please don’t leave us alone, dear God.

Immerse us in Your grace so much so that we would never cease to thank You and to praise You, O God.

Prepare us, anew, to be Your hands and Your feet and Your voice in this world, in this season of anticipation, Father.

Accept us today, Lord. Help us to be more like You when we leave this place today.

Take us from despair to hope, from sorrow to joy, and frailty to Your strength, dear God.

Interfere with our wants until our wants become Your wants, Father. Make us aware of You in our lives.

Open wide the windows of heaven and pour out Your mercy drops all around us as we worship, Father.

Newness of Your love, O Father, is what we pray for in our thankful anticipation of seeing You, face to face. Thank You, Father!

We pray in anticipation of being in Your presence and in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

The Path Continues…

Discerning the Times…

photo: Hammond A Coates

photo: Hammond A Coates

(an acrostic prayer)

Dear heavenly Father, giver of all good and perfect gifts to Your children, we, Your children, come in gratitude to worship You today.

Inspire us through Your Holy Spirit, Father, to see You and discern what You would have us do.

Shepherd us, Lord, as You lead, guide, protect and challenge us to be more like You each day we live.

Correct us, O God, for we sin and are in need of forgiveness and correction. Thank You, Lord, for loving us enough to forgive us.

Enter into our lives to reprove and to guide and to input Your will into our souls, dear Father.

Remind us, O God, of the times in which we live and how we need to be able to discern Your will in our times.

Narrate Your wisdom to us through Your word, O God. May we study to show ourselves as workmen approved by You and useful to You.

Ignorance of Your word is rampant even among those of us who call ourselves Your children, Father. Help us to renew our commitment to study and to live Your word as Your Spirit interprets.

Nourish us on Your laws and statutes and precepts, Father, that we might be able to discern the times.

Guide us by Your Holy Spirit, O God, that we might see You in the daily lives of our times.

Take us from this world’s wisdom to Your discerning wisdom in Your Son, Jesus Christ. Father, we long for the truth that sets us free.

Hungry we are to be used of You to help others to know Your will and way for their lives, Father.

Empty us of our self-filled lives that we may be filled with You, O God!

Temper our pride with the need to allow You to be reflected to those around us, dear Lord.

Inadequate we are on our own to understand Your times, O God. May we have eyes to see and ears to hear You as You lead us.

Mingle us with Your Holy Spirit as you send us from this place into the world to effect change for You, O God!

Expunge the filth of this world’s influence from us, Father, that we might be useful to You as You teach us to discern the times with You.

Show us more of You in Your word as Your Spirit interprets You to us each day.  May we be able to discern Your time in our times, dear Father.

We pray in the discerning name of Your Son, Jesus.  Amen

The Path Continues...

Growing in God’s Grace ~

Hammond A. Coates:

Grace, Grace, Marvelous Grace. Grace that is greater than all our sins! Yes, it is a process. God’s grace “drips” around and on us each day…do we see it and come to embrace it?

Originally posted on CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann:

~ CHRISTitan poetry by deborahann ~grow-in-grace 2 IBible Verses

It’s a slow thing,
this growing in God’s grace
it’s a minute by minute thing
we all need to embrace.

It’s a process,
a little here, a little there
it takes a lot of practice
to give Jesus our every care.

It’s a development,
finding God’s rest and peace
it’s quite an accomplishment
not to ever quit or cease.

It takes practice,
this learning to be still
it’s not easy waiting
on knowing God’s will.

It takes itty-bitty steps,
to reach that mountain top
it takes a lot of self-denial
lest half way we would stop.

It’s a slow thing,
this growing in God’s grace
but it sure makes it easier . . .
when His love we embrace!


2 Peter 3:18

“But grow in grace, and in the knowledge
of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.

King James Version

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Standing Firm…

photo: Hammond Coates

photo: Hammond Coates

(an acrostic prayer)

Savior, You who moves mountains and sets the boundaries of seas, we bow down to worship You now. How great and mighty You are!

Taking Your foundation as firm, we come to allow You to build us up through faith in Jesus, Your son, dear Father.

Align our feet with Your path, O God. May we stand firm in Your strength and power today.

Never once have we ever stood alone when trusting in Your grace and living by faith and in Your mercy, O God.

Divide our mind’s interest from this world’s force and remake us in Your will, O God.

Infuse us with You today, Father. Help us to stand firm on You and on Your promises!

Night upon night we have fallen into Your night season mercies, O Father. Wake us with the calm assurance of Your presence as we stand daily.

Give us Your forgiveness when we fail. Lift us up when we fall. Save us from our sins, please God!

Facing the day’s temptations and sorrows, we look to You for strength and comfort, Father. We confess we cannot stand without You!

Infill us with the grace to give grace to those we meet even as Your grace showers around us daily, Father.

Refurbish us with Your love, Father. Make us new in Your forgiveness.  Remove the covering of our sin that shields Your light from being reflected into this world by us.

Master, seeker of our lives, we bow again to worship You, standing firm in faith in Jesus Christ.

We pray in the strong and firm name of Jesus Christ, You son.  Amen!

The Path Continues..

In Awe…

photo: Hammond Coates

photo: Hammond Coates

(an acrostic prayer)

In the stillness and quietness of this time and place, we stand in awe of You and Your presence, dear God.

Near to You is our heart’s desire at this very moment, Father. May we tread softly, lightly, and quietly in your worship today!

Accept our worship in the extension of your mercy toward us, Father. We would whisper our praise to You.

Would that we would be careful in our worship, Father. May we not be foolish as we come to You, with many words or activities. Help us to wait before You in worship to hear You!

Empty us of our vain, selfish selves, even as we come to worship. We long to be more like You, even right now as we pray and worship, dear Father. We stand in awe of You, Father.

Father, we pray in the awe-inspiring name of your son, Jesus Christ. Amen!

The Path Continues…

He Leads Me…

Photo: Hammond Coates

Photo: Hammond Coates

(an acrostic prayer)

Heavenly Father, God of us all, we bow in worship, in the power of Your Holy Spirit, through Your son, Jesus.
Eternal in the heavens You are, yet You come to us personally and You lead us, personally, by Your Spirit. Thank you, Father!
Leading we need, O God, for if left to our own wisdom, we fall mightily and are undone quickly.
Even when we fall, we know You still extend your mercy and lift us up by Your strong hand, O God! Hold us close, we really don’t like falling, but our sins are ever-present. Forgive us, Lord.
Accept our praise and thanksgiving as we pray and worship You, Father. Help us to believe that You want our praise and thanksgiving, O Lord!
Descend upon us today, Father, in the fulness of Your grace and lead us along by still waters and into green pastures, that we might see You.
Send us from this place into the world where You have planted us, Father. May we be able to lead others to You as you lead us.
Move us from our prideful selves to the path that would lead us into humility and grace in Your will, Father.
Encourage us through Your word and by Your spirit today, O God. May we find peace in the midst of the storms of life as You lead us along!
We pray in the powerful and merciful name of Jesus Christ. Amen! 

The Path Continues…

Loyalty to Christ…

Photo: Hammond Coates

Photo: Hammond Coates

(an acrostic prayer)

Lord, God almighty, we come to worship out of a sense of gratitude and loyalty to Your Son, Jesus Christ today.

Open our eyes that we may see You today through the power of Your Spirit present with us, Father.

You are beautiful and deserve our highest praise for Your saving grace offered to us in Your Son, O God!

Allow us to fall before You in adoration and praise as we seek Your forgiveness for our sins and lack of interest in Your things here today, Father.

Lead us to the place that You have prepared for us. May we be loyal to Your purpose for us today and forever, O Lord.

Tighten our grip on Your word, Father. As we study and meditate on You today, may we allow You to sink deep into us, O God.

Your glory, O Father, is what we seek to make known as we gather for worship and as we live our lives daily for You!

Towards You Father, we would run to be in Your presence. We would run and bow down in thanksgiving and praise.

Offering ourselves to You again, we humbly wait before You, Father. Help us to have patience as You have patience with us, O God.

Cover us, Father, with the blood of Your Son, Jesus Christ, to cleanse and to save.

Have mercy on us, Lord, in the deep, deep love of Your grace.  Hide us in You today, Father.

Remind us, dear Lord, of Your will for our lives. May we be conscious of You each and every moment You give us to live here.

Instill in us the urgency of Your love for us and with the need to share Your love with others along our paths.

Save us from our disloyalty to Your Son, O Father. We long to be Yours through him, but we sin! Forgive us, Father.

Take our minds, hearts and souls from the distractions and busyness of this world and place them in Your safe shelter, dear God.

We pray in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, with thanksgiving and praise to You.  Amen.

The Path Continues…