Exclamation Point…

(an acrostic prayer)

Eternal Father, strong to save, we add our exclamation to Your teaching us to pray. We come thanking You that You love us enough to teach us Your ways!

Xeroxable, Father, we want to be reproducible as Your children in this world.

Come Holy Spirit to cleanse and remake us in Your image as we seek your face today.

Lead us to exclaim our love for You and the joy we find in Your salvation. Let us sing of Your love forever!

Accept our thanks and adoration as we come to worship You with all that we have and all that we are, Father!

Move us from our complacency into an urgency that causes us to tell the world that Jesus loves them. Help us to be useful to You today, dear Lord!

As You have taught us to pray, Father, through the words of Your Son, help us to share that same spirit with those You bring into our lives.

Teach us to number our days, O Lord, that we may see Your will for us as You teach us and lead us daily.

Infill us with Your Holy Spirit, Father, that we may know You more and out of that knowing, we would live for You more each moment!

Open the windows of our hearts and allow Your presence to fill them with the joy of Your salvation and send us from this place to share that joy all around!

No one but You, Lord, can satisfy the longing of our spirits to belong and to be loved. Thanks You for loving us before we even knew what love was.

Paint us with the brushstrokes of Your grace that others might see and come to know You through our lives, dear Lord.

Offer us to others, Father, as we want to be Your examples of forgiveness and mercy.

Infuse us with the humility of Your love and provide us with the avenues to press on towards the mark of Your high calling.

Negate the witness of our failures and help us to be Your hands and feet in this world, O Father.

Take us from where we are to where You want us to be, Father, for Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.

In the name of the one who taught us to pray, even Jesus Christ, we pray! Amen.

The Path Continues…


Triple Play Petition….

(an acrostic prayer)

Today, O Lord, we come into this place to worship You in spirit and in truth.

Return Your presence to us as we long to know You more and live for You in this time and place.

Instruct us in Your word as You teach us how to pray, dear Father. We need Your help in understanding Your ways!

Prepare us for the living of the days that lie ahead, O God, as You grant us life to live.

Let us see Your will for us today, Lord! We come seeking You and want to be a reflection of You to our world.

Enthuse us with Your joy and peace, Father. We long to be more like You each day we live.

Prepare us for Your kingdom’s work as individuals and as Your called out church members in this community where we live.

Lead not into the temptations that will come into our paths, O God! We know You know what we will face. Help us Lord!

Attune our hearts to sing Your praise, Lord. We truly want to give You adoration and praise as we can.

Yearning to tell You how much we love You; we sing, we pray and we raise our hands in worship to You!

Please, O God, help us to get over ourselves, learn to see others as You see them, and to love others as we love ourselves.

Empty us of our selfish pride, Father, and fill us with the want-to, to be like You in every situation we find ourselves.

Take us from the evil that is so prevalent, even among us Your children, and lead us to the still waters of Your love.

Infill us with Your Spirit that we may know the truth and allow it to set us free in Your will, Father.

Tether us tightly, Father, for we are easily flung away by the forces of this world that call to us.

Instill Your love for Your children in us so that we feel what they feel and see what they see as You lead us all.

Open the windows of heaven today and incline Your ear to us, Father.

Notice us as we humbly and sincerely want to say, “We love you, Father,” and we long to work in Your kingdom.

In the name of the one who teaches us how to pray, even Jesus, the Christ! Amen!

The Path Continues….

Revolutionary Prayer….

(an acrostic prayer)

Revealing Father, You who show Yourself to us through Your Son, Your Spirit, and Your Word, we come to worship You!

Evoke in us a renewed sense of Your kingdom in this time and this place and in us today, Father.

Visit us with Your Spirit as we come to praise You, to sit before You, and to hear You today, O God!

Open our overused minds and lead us beside still waters as You bid us come and rest in you, O Lord.

Lead us from building our own kingdoms into Your kingdom that You have built for each of us who worship You, Father.

Use our presence here today, Father, as a springboard for allowing us to be alongside workers with You in Your kingdom.

Transport us from the constant blathering of this world into Your Word and from there into Your truth, O Lord.

Infuse us with the urgency of finding Your will for us and for those we influence each day, Father.

Overflow into us the power of Your kingdom as we seek to be known as Your kingdom here in this place.

Narrate through us the message of Your kingdom as we live and breathe and have our being in this place.

Allow us to be seen as Your children, working in Your kingdom while on this earth, Father.

Release us from the bindings of our selfish pride and bind us by Your love, Father.

Yearning to be more like You for having been in Your presence, Father, show us how to be You to those you bring to us daily.

Pause us, Father, from the busyness of our present lives, that we might be able to distinguish Your voice.

Remind us that You chose not to speak in the whirlwind, or the earthquake or the thunder,

but in the stillness and quietness of Your presence, O Lord.

Attune our ears to hear in the stillness, Father. Help us to know that if we listen carefully, the silence is beautiful.

You, O Lord, are to be worshipped and adored. We want to say, “We love you, Lord. Thank You for loving us first.”

Empty us, Lord, of those things that keep us from giving our all to You. Fill us with You, today, Father.

Return to us, Father, the joy of our salvation. Bend Your ear to us and refresh us, Your children today, O God.

We pray in the name of Your Son, our savior, Jesus Christ. Amen!

The Path Continues….

Hallowed and Holy….

(an acrostic prayer)

Heavenly Father, hallowed be Your name! Holy are You and we come saying that we love you. We come now to worship you, Father, God.

Accept us, Your children, as we kneel in reverence and offer ourselves again to You as we pray in Your name, Father.

Lead us away from the temptations of this world into Your presence as we seek You today, O God.

Lower Your outstretched hand to us and take hold of us to keep us from falling further into sin, dear Lord.

Offering to You praise and thanksgiving, we come with adoration and prayer to offer up ourselves to You, Father.

Weariness overtakes us, Father. We confess we grow weary of the sin that besets us and the unkindness we see and feel in this world. May we not grow weary of doing good in Your name.

Examine our hearts, O Lord, to see if there is any good thing in us that may be used for Your glory. Take it and make it Yours today, Father.

Delight Yourself in Your children today, Father. May we be a sweet savor to You as we worship today, Father.

Awaken within us, Father, the sense of urgency to share You with this world. Grant us courage and motivation for the living of these days in Your will, Father.

Nudge us into the path You have for each of us, Lord. May we present Your hallowed and holy name to this world today.

Descend upon us, Father, in the power of Your Spirit and cleanse us for Your name’s sake.

Hear our prayer today to be more like You and less like this world in which we live. We need Your help daily, Father.

Open our hearts and pour Yourself into us as we study Your word and wait on Your coming again, Lord.

Look into our souls, Father. May we know in some measure as we are known through Your Spirit’s grace.

You, O Lord and Father, deserve our highest praise and our solemn worship as we gather. May what we do and say bring honor and glory to You and to Your name, our Father!

We pray in the name of the one named: “Hallowed and Holy!” Amen!

(reposted from 2016)

The Path Continues….

All Things Necessary…

(an acrostic prayer)

Almighty Father, ruler of all creation, lover of all Your children, we come to pray with thanksgiving and in grateful worship today as we gather in this place.

Let the windows of heaven open and allow Your mercies, new every day, to flow over Your children as we seek Your face today in worship and praise.

Lend us Your grace, dear Father, that we might learn from Your word: the what, the how, the when, and the who of Your love for us as You teach us.

Teach us how to talk with You, O God. May we learn to speak with You as easily as we speak of You. Teach us, O Lord, we pray.

Help us to listen as You speak, Father. May we come to understand that You are truly God and we are not!

Instill in us the “want to” to know how to pray, O Lord! Help us to hear and know as we wait upon Your word today.

“Never alone are the least of Your children,” the hymn writer has said. We want to live in that promise today, Father. Thank You!

Grant a purer understanding of Your Word on prayer today, Lord. Help us to pray in Your Spirit today.

Save us, dear Father, from the fear and darkness of this world’s many sins and traps that we seem to want to fall into as we walk this sod!

Needing a fresh touch of Your hand of guidance, we come in reference and thanksgiving as we long to be more like You today!

Evoke in us a spirit of gratitude and thankfulness, O God. May we always hallow Your name in our daily walk.

Come, O Lord, to our place and abide in Your love, mercy and grace. We long for You to be here, in spirit and in truth.

Enter into our worship, just now. Make us holy in Your sight as we seek to be more and more like You, Father.

Send us from this place of worship into the world where You have called us to be You to someone, some situation, some soul today, O God.

Suspend the evil desires of our unrepentant hearts, O God. May we leave this place of worship remade in Your image that the world may know You through us.

Attune our hearts, minds and spirits to Your word today and help us to listen! May what we hear from You be the strength that we live in each hour, Father.

Remove the fear of walking alone in this world, O,Lord, and replace it with the faith and obedience to do as You will!

Yours is the kingdom, and the power and the glory, O Father.

We pray in the all powerful name of our Savior, Jesus Christ! Amen!

The Path Continues…

Discerning the Times….

(an acrostic prayer)

Dear heavenly Father, giver of all good and perfect gifts to Your children, we, Your children, come in gratitude to worship You today.

Inspire us through Your Holy Spirit, Father, to see You and discern what You would have us do.

Shepherd us, Lord, as You lead, guide, protect and challenge us to be more like You each day we live.

Correct us, O God, for we sin and are in need of forgiveness and correction. Thank You, Lord, for loving us enough to forgive us.

Enter into our lives to reprove and to guide and to input Your will into our souls, dear Father.

Remind us, O God, of the times in which we live and how we need to be able to discern Your will in our times.

Narrate Your wisdom to us through Your word, O God. May we study to show ourselves as workmen approved by You and useful to You.

Ignorance of Your word is rampant even among those of us who call ourselves Your children, Father. Help us to renew our commitment to study and to live Your word as Your Spirit interprets.

Nourish us on Your laws and statutes and precepts, Father, that we might be able to discern the times.

Guide us by Your Holy Spirit, O God, that we might see You in the daily lives of our times.

Take us from this world’s wisdom to Your discerning wisdom in Your Son, Jesus Christ. Father, we long for the truth that sets us free.

Hungry we are to be used of You to help others to know Your will and way for their lives, Father.

Empty us of our self-filled lives that we may be filled with You, O God!

Temper our pride with the need to allow You to be reflected to those around us, dear Lord.

Inadequate we are on our own to understand Your times, O God. May we have eyes to see and ears to hear You as You lead us.

Mingle us with Your Holy Spirit as you send us from this place into the world to effect change for You, O God!

Expunge the filth of this world’s influence from us, Father, that we might be useful to You as You teach us to discern the times with You.

Show us more of You in Your word as Your Spirit interprets You to us each day.  May we be able to discern Your time in our times, dear Father.

We pray in the discerning name of Your Son, Jesus.  Amen


The Path Continues...

Uniforms of Grace….

( an acrostic prayer)

Unto You, O Lord, we come on the cusp of a new year, as we measure time, to worship You. We ask for wisdom beyond our comprehension to know what You have for us to know, dear God!

Nudge us from our self importance and from the self imposed throne of our lives, so that we may be more like You and realize that You are God and we are not!

Instill in us the want-to, to allow You to change us from our selfish selves into a person that sees others as Your children, just as You see them!

Forgive our foolish ways, O Lord. We want to thank You for Your mercy, Your grace, Your love, and Your forgiveness through Jesus, Your Son.

Open the windows of Your grace today and shower us with the grace to live as new creatures in Your kingdom.

Remove the stain of guilt from us, O Lord, as we strive to put on the uniforms of grace found in Your Word. May we dress to be witnesses of Yours in the new way of life You call us to live.

Move us from darkness to light as we grow in the knowledge of Your Word and in the grace You provide to us, Father!

Save us from our sinful ways, O God! We know we are too close to this world of selfishness in which we live. May we come to see Your way of gentleness, kindness and love!

Order our minds, O Lord, that we may seek Your will in everything we do and say. May our minds be renewed daily in Your Word!

Find us faithful to live Your will in the midst of people who do not know You. May we be the reflection of You to them that leads them to Your salvation.

Grant to us Your close presence, Father. As Your children, we need Your tender care as well as a change of clothes to be what You want us to be.

Remake us in Your image as we put on Your graces of: compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, forbearance, and forgiveness, dear Lord.

Align our new lives to Your love, dear Father. May we always be able to show Your love to this world and not our pride!

Cover us with Your spirit of thankfulness, O God. Help us always to pray with a thankful heart and spirit.

Eternal God, ruler of all creation, hear our prayer today, that we may be more like You and less like this world. May we willingly allow You to dress us in Your grace for the living of these days!

The Path Continues…