Tree at Home

(an acrostic prayer)

Coming now to You, O God, we lay down our lives at Your feet and cry out in praise and adoration, O God!

Open the windows of Your grace and shower us again with You, dear Father. We need refreshing and cleansing, O God!

Move us from our comfortableness into Your comfort, Father. We have become too comfortable in our world, O God!

Forgive our lack of concern for those who struggle with death and physical illnesses as well as those who struggle just to make ends meet on a daily basis, Father.  Make us instruments of Your comfort in this uncomfortable world, O God!

Oblige us to see You working in the lives of those we might think are not worth our time, Father. May we have eyes, hearts and souls to see as You see, O God!

Remove the dross of sin from our hearts, Father. Help us to have tender, pliable hearts to show your mercy to everyone we meet, O God!

Tender to us again Your forgiveness and mercy, Father. Help us to grab hold and hold tight to You as You seek to use us to bring Your kingdom into view, O God!

In the name of comfort itself, even Jesus Christ, we pray!  Amen!

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Son of God…

Crabtree Fall, Nelson County, VA

(an acrostic Prayer)

Savior and Lord, Son of God, sender of God’s Spirit, we come to bow in worship to say, “We Love You, Lord.”

Over the multitude of our sins, we ask You to pour Your blood to cleanse us in Your grace and mercy.

Navigate us through the turmoil of this world into the still waters and green pastures of Your path, O God.

Open to us again, the crystal fountains of Your cleansing water’s flow, O Lord, that we may drink of You instead of this world’s water.

Fragmented we have become, O Lord. We seek your healing hands of mercy and love to put us back together, for Your sake.

Garnish us with Your presence today, O Lord, that the world would see You as we reflect Your love, grace and mercy through our present lives.

Ooze from us, Father, into this world as we live our lives so that it would see Jesus, Your Son, living out Your will in us. May what we do here at this place lift Him, Jesus Your Son, up to bring glory and honor to You, O Father.

Duplicate Your Son in Your children today, O God. We long to be like Him.

In the name of Your Son, we pray, with thanksgiving.  Amen!

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No Ordinary Man…


(an acrostic prayer)

Narrow our focus, O God, as we come in humility to offer our praise to You through Your Son, Jesus, and by the conviction of Your Holy Spirit.

Order our ways so they coincide with Your will for us, even as we bow in prayer and adoration, Father.

Obese we have become in our own selfish concerns and we have neglected You! Forgive us, O Lord!

Refresh Your children today, O Father, in this time of worship, for we long to be touched by You.

Dissolve our stubborn wills with Your mercy and grace, O God. Show us again that You are not an ordinary man, but You are God, and we are not.

Image us with a heart that has as its likeness, You! May others see Jesus in us, even now as we worship, Father.  We long to be known as Yours.

Noise, we succumb to the noise of Satan in our world, Father.  Help us to have ears to hear Your still small voice instead of this world’s loud voice.

According to Your Holy Word, O God, help us to live, not as ordinary people, but as children of the king.  Help us not to be ordinary people who call themselves Christian.

Recognize us through the blood of Your son, Father. May we be as white as snow as You look on us through him, O God!

Yielded, we want to be yielded to You, Father. Our world has done away with the concept of yielding in favor of merging all things together, Father.  Help us to be unordinary by our yielded-ness to You.

Muddy, we are, O God, from wallowing in the sins of this world. Pluck us from the miry pits and wash us clean.

Attune our ears to Your calling, that we may indeed be useful to You for having been in this place at this time.

Nothing ordinary about this time, O God. We rise to lift up Your son, Jesus as we worship.  May we smell as a sweet savor in Your nostrils today, O God!

In the name of no ordinary man, even Jesus, the Christ, we pray.  Amen!

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Holy Spirit Come Comfort Me ~

Hammond A. Coates:

Come Holy Spirit Come…

Originally posted on CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann:


Holy Spirit,
come comfort me
give me faith
in what I can’t see.

Be my truth,
I need Your sight
Holy Spirit
be my guiding light.

Holy Spirit,
control my mind
direct me to where
Your peace I’ll find.

Be my shield,
show me the way
Holy Spirit
lead me how to pray.

Holy Spirit,
teach me to trust
help me to see
You’re always just.

Reveal to me,
what is Your plan
govern me with
Your mighty hand.

Holy Spirit,
come comfort me
let me forever . . .
abide with Thee!


John 14:16

“And I will pray the Father,
and he shall give you another Comforter,
that he may abide with you for ever;”

King James Version
by Public Domain

Copyright 2015
Deborah Ann Belka

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Let Us Pray…

crabtree rhododendron

(an acrostic prayer)

Lord and Savior of mankind, we come in humble adoration and praise to worship You today.

Entreat us to be still and know that You are God and that You want us to find joy in You, Father.

Tender us Your Holy Spirit as we seek to know as we are known today, O God.

Use us, sinful though we be, to bring Your kingdom in this world, Father

Save us from our sins, O God. We need saving. We cannot save ourselves, as many believe, Father.  Save us today! 

Prepare our hearts to hear Your word and help us to share Your word with others, even today, dear Lord.

Remove from us that bent to sin, Father, that we may be useful in Your will for us today.

Allow Your spirit to be evident in us as we live and breathe and have our being in this world, O God.

Yearning to see You, Father, we come to worship realizing that we see You in the faces of those that You bring into our paths each day. So, we worship You in spirit and in truth as You reveal Yourself to us, Father.

In the powerful name of the one who bids us come, we pray!  Amen!

The Path Continues…


Moon through trees

(an acrostic  prayer)

Coming to You, O Lord, in the midst of our busy and of-times tedious day, we come to worship and to feel Your tender care today, Father.

Overrun by the temptations if this world, we come to bow and ask for forgiveness, for we have been too much of this world this week, O God!

Move in, among, and through us , Father. We do long to be more like You, to be used of You and to show You to our world today.

Pursue Your will for us as we seek to know as we are known, dear God.

Allow Your Holy Spirit to come over us again to refine us by his guiding, comforting and examining of our souls, today, Father.

Save us, O God, we need Your mercy and Your compassion, Your grace and Your love. Help us to share with those You bring into our path.

Send the winds of Your Spirit to bend us to Your will, Father. We are a stubborn people, Father, we realize that wind needs to be a strong one at times.

Interpret to us Your word, Father. We are lost without Your word in our lives, O God. Help us to understanding.

Open our eyes, Lord. Help us to see where You are working in Jesus and help us to be right there to show Your love in compassion and grace.

Nudge us, O Lord! We need to know that You are here and that we are Yours, Father. We are a forgetful people. Remind us of Your presence, O God.

In the name of the one who is compassion, we pray. Amen!

The Path Continues…

God’s Time…

Sunset-Ted Vassar-Gladys VA April 2015

photo: Ted Vassar

(an acrostic prayer)

Glorious God, Father, Spirit and Son, we come to praise You with our worship this day.

Odor us with the fragrance of Your Son, Jesus Christ, Father. May we smell like You as the world comes into contact with us today.

Decorate us with the adornments of Your Spirit, Father. May we be love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control as we live our lives in this world, O God!

Seclude us from the temptations of the evil one, even as we come to worship, that we might see You and revel in Your presence.

Temper us in the fire of Your will and on the anvil of Your word, Father, as we seek You daily.

In Your time, Father, show us the way of righteousness that You have for each of us to walk. May Your time become our time, O God!

Mingle us with those people who need to see, to hear and to smell You as they walk with us daily, Lord. May we be You on exhibit as we live each day!

Equip us in this time of worship to see Your time; where You want us to use it each day; how You want us to allow it to shape us for Your use, and to whom we are to take You, O God!

         In the name of the creator of time and all of creation, we pray! Amen!

The Path Continues…