Hello from Beardedhac

This is my first attempt at writing a blog.  I have written many things over the past several years and would like to share a few of them with you.  I write acrostic poetry and acrostic writings on many words, phrases or names. I will see a word that will spark interest or a phrase that will mean something special to me and I write using those letters in that word or phrase as the begining to each sentence of the writing. I hope they may speak to you in some way, also.

Intercepted by Silence

Intellectual ascension to the concept of silence has long been within my grasp.

Never really understanding the heart-need  for silence, I struggled with understanding the why of silence.

Tension was always around when silence appeared, as if something were wrong if no sounds or words were present.

Entering into silence was a goal of mine, but like a football thrown to a receiver, I was almost intercepted by another.

Returning to previous places where I thought I had experienced silence, I sought the experience again.

Cautious, I was, for I was afraid I wouldn’t find this friend that I sought as I had before.

Empty feelings of anticipation came and went as I journeyed from place to place seeking true silence.

Pressure seemed to build to find the correct place and time to re-enter the silent experience.

Toward a frustration of soul and mind, and an experience of body weariness, I said, “Enough.”

Enough of this trying to find silence. I’ll just withdraw from the seeking to another place where people and sounds abound”

Determined to ease my frustration, I headed back to people and audible sounds. I was going to throw myself back into the fray.

By the path that I chose to walk, a strange, yet somehow familiar and welcomed, sensation came over me.

Yielding to that desire to come apart while on the path, I was intercepted by the very thing that I had sought—silence!

Silence came to the mind and soul and heart as never before.

Interception by this silence was sweet. It happened when I ceased my striving to find.

Loved by Love itself, I found the true silence of soul, heart and mind in the companionship of God. It was not the place or time, or my striving to find; it was God Himself.

Ethereal is a word I seldom use and may not know its real meaning, but it was a real experience to me.

Newness of anticipation rebounded in my now “seeing” heart and longing soul.

Completeness of thoughts and discernment of mind were once again granted as grace gifts from God.

Enthusiasm is renewed by this interception of silence!

Hammond A. Coates 10-12-2004


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