Thursday Morning…

Is it hot and dry where you are today?

When the Season Is Dry

 Wildernesses grow when the season is dry;

Hot winds sear the ground causing more distress.

Elevated temperatures seem only to rise once more.

No one or thing seems able to provide cooling relief.

Thermostats seem stuck in the heat position.

Heat pours out on us as if to kill and destroy.

Enough, we cry, enough!

 Sure enough, just when we think we can’t survive,

Encouragement is provided by God, the great encourager,

Assured again that God is in control even when the season is dry.

Soft rain falls on our wilderness journey of life.

Overcoming that feeling of despair and dryness,

Newness of life appears on the dry limbs of life.

 Increased awareness of the frailty of human life,

Subtly God comes into that frailty, and renews and refreshes.

Determined, again, to live in that newness of life,

Rewound on the spool from which we were spun, we are alive again.

Yes, when the season is dry, and the wilderness is hot, God is there to bring again His quenching relief.

 May 21, 1997


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