Friday Aroma…

The Aroma of Christ

To know the aromas that one encounters as we live our lives

Helps us to sense the flavor of foods and the essence of scents.

Even when we dislike the smell, we are somehow pleased to know that we can identify it.

Aromas of individuals can be physical or spiritual.

Recapturing the smell of an individual can be quite exciting and pleasant.

On the other hand, to speak of aromas, the essence of that person, is quite logical, too.

Massaging the remembrances of that individual through those aromas is a unique way of knowing.

Almost anyone can be identified by their unique smells, both physically and spiritually.

 Only God can really know our spiritual smells and aromas, but others can sense our smell and be influenced by them.

Facing the consequences of our influence, both god and bad, is part of what makes up our aromas.

 Continuing to look to Jesus and sense his aroma helps us to identify with him; sensing how he smells to God makes us try to have the same aroma as Him.

Hearing and tasting and smelling all of Him creates in us a yearning to become more like Him.

Remembering what He did and how He did it and who He did it to and with, we sense His aroma in our nostrils.

Intrinsic to that is our willingness to know Him, His aroma, and to be known by Him by our aroma.

Suffice it to say or maybe it is better to ask it this way: How do you smell to God? Do you have the aroma of Jesus? What do you smell like to God?

The aroma of Christ: can others smell it on and in us and smell Him through us?

May 26, 1999


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