The Pause that Refreshes

The Pause that Refreshes” is an old Coca Cola slogan that dates back to at least the year 1929.

Having almost a century of history to its credit as a slogan for a drink that quenches physical thirsts, it is a familiar saying,

Enough of a history that it has been used over time to include other things that satisfy and refresh and even rejuvenate.

Putting it into the realm of spirituality, I find the phrase to be pregnant with meaning.

Allowing pause in ones life certainly brings refreshment and even rejuvenation.

Underlining all of the instances one could put forth as examples is the God of creation pausing on the seventh day—a Sabbath pause built into the very creation of time.

Sensing the need for regular pauses, we find Jesus pausing taking them regularly—read the story of the woman caught in adultery; He paused in the middle of the story and wrote on the ground—allowing a pause in the story for reflection.

Even in the routine matters of the day we find Jesus pausing for rest, prayer, solitude and for communication with His Father.

Today we have, in our wisdom, tried to abolish pauses as much as possible—we want and have created constant motion and noise.

Having rushed through the daytime without pause or silence, we trip headlong into the night hours without even blinking our eyes, which by the way is really a pausing in seeing, needed by all.

Attempting to do, do, do, we have no time for pauses, be they commercials in our television programs that we have TiVo’d so we can remove them or time to sit with family or friends for a meal.

Tempted, we are, to say that we need more things to do or at least more technology to keep us occupied–blue-tooth devices, wireless technology so we can be “plugged in” all the time.

Refreshment is sought in beverages, entertainment, and in making more of whatever you seek than anyone else in a shorter time period than anyone else.

Enveloping our minds, our spirits, our physical bodies, this rush without pause is killing us—some not so slowly.

Freedom from this non-pausing is hard to come by. The need for pausing is seen by some as a weakness—“the early bird gets the worm,” “keep your nose to the grindstone,” “you’ll never make it to the top of the ladder pausing”….

Refreshment in the form of pausing is a beautiful moment of health, wisdom and self-control.

Sing a song without observing the rests, the pauses, and it becomes a jumbled, terrible experience—no rest, no breath to sing the melody or the harmony—it becomes an incomprehensible mess.  I wonder if our lives sound that way without pauses.

Having been a person who overlooked the natural pauses as well as those forced on me, I now see the greater need for those pauses that God presents as he did in creation.

Enlightened by God of the need for pauses, even in daily experiences, I now am trying to be attentive to the Master of pauses in order to allow my life to be saved.

Seeing beyond the talk, talk, talk, work, work, work, I now relish those pauses that refresh—body and mind and spirit as well as friendships and acquaintances.

 October 18, 2006

The Path Continues…


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