A Prayer for Today

Being True

Blessed Father, who art in Heaven and who lives in us today through Your Son, Jesus Christ and in the power of Your Spirit,

Empty our minds of the things of this world that we many truly know your presence today.

Instill in us Your truth and help us to live that truth out in our everyday lives in that days that You give us.

Negate the evil that we seem to live with in this culture today.  Help us to see and to know truth from falsehood.

Gather our minds, our hearts and our hands to work with, by and for You today even as we worship and prepare to change our world for You, Father.

Toward You, Father, we would lean to receive your way of living, so help us to learn to lean on Your Spirit for our knowledge of all truth.

Receive our praise, ever how meager it seems, as we would humbly seek to be renewed by Your Word and the Word that became flesh and dwelt among us.

Untie our tongues to speak Your truth as we seek to become more like Your Son, Jesus Christ.

Enliven us to see and to know You better for having been Your presence today.  May we be true to You as we live our lives today and the tomorrows that You give us.


The Path Continues…


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