Holding Hands

Holding: a sign of security or insecurity; of love or discipline; of respect or companionship; of  possession or abandonment.

Other definitions also apply, but to “hands.” perhaps none more than love and security.

Love as it is expressed in a desire to be close to someone else; security in knowing someone else wants to be that close.

Discipline as it expressed itself when someone held your hand to keep you from doing something that would have hurt you.

Independent of holding hands we soon sense the need for it in our lives.

Nothing, except the saving grace of God through Jesus Christ, is as powerful as the human touch in holding hands.

Grace, itself, is pictured as God reaching down to hold our hands.

Having experienced both holding and not holding hands, I much prefer the former.

Anticipation of the holding of hands brings much excitement and peace to one’s heart and mind.

Needing to express love and to be loved by someone else is a very strong urge in us humans.

Desiring to be loved, and to feel that love, is involved in holding hands.

Sensing God’s desire to love me, I reach for His hand as He is always reaching first for mine.

The Path Continues…


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