The Path to…

Comfortable with Silence

Confronted with the absence of physical speech, I am somewhat uncomfortable.

Open to this new experience, I wait to see what will take place.

Moving from the busyness of the speaking world to the tranquil existence of non-speech seems to be getting easier as I allow the silence to wash over me.

Forgetting the fear of not speaking or being spoken to, I arrive at a peaceful juncture between heaven and earth.

Order and rightness appear to be on a not too distant horizon here in this silent world.

Remembering God’s instruction to “be still and know,” I am now feeling more at home in this silent world that is begetting a sense of solitude.

Together with peace and quiet, I feel my soul vanquishing the fretfulness that accompanies so much of life.

Allowing myself the freedom to hear God in new ways as He speaks without audible tones.

Being over washed with the cleansing of silence brings a cleanness that I have never before experienced.

Losing the dross and dust of always having to say something reveals an inner communication that is new and real.

Exuding a new freshness, I feel renewed and recreated, somehow, in God’s own image as I get comfortable with silence.

Withdrawing into this world of silence is difficult to do, but, once here, it is beyond expression.

Inner solitude, that God-given ability to be at home with Him, is more easily found in this silence.

To hear Him speak, without the clutter of physical speech, is more than wonderful.

Hearing is turned into attentiveness that is heightened by this silence.

Some find it very difficult to enter into a time of silence—out of fear of being rejected, out of loneliness that has not been understood—so they do not visit here often.

Intellectuals scoff at a need for silence in one’s life as though it shows a weakness to be overcome.

Love, on the other hand, requires it, if it is true love, love that is being attentive to others.

External, audible speech is, of course, needed in our lives in order to communicate, but the deeper communication between souls occurs in silence.

Never be afraid of the silence between individuals who are seeking to know and to be known in ways speech cannot communicate, that includes God and you.

Caress those times of silence that you are able to find. Cherish the stillness only God can give.

Eternity awaits, silence will give way to eternal praise that will have been learned by being comfortable with being still and knowing God now.

 The Path Continues…


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