Silent Music…


The Inn of Silent Music 

Taken by the name and then taken by the actual place, and now taken by its charm,

Having journeyed to rest here for a while in this quiet place,

Enlivened I have been by the song I hear in this silence.

I find a kind of music that can only be heard by the soul that is tuned to quietness.

Not in words or sounds, as such, but in solitude, an inner quietness, where one hears the sounds of the soul.

New sounds that are strangely familiar to the heart and yet unknown to the mind.

Often we miss the songs that are being played for us because we are in such a hurry to be somewhere or to say something, instead of just listening.

Forging on, we are deaf to the music that silence wants us to hear.

Surrounded by the majesty and beauty of this place on this island called Smith, I hear something of God’s music as never before.

Invoked to fall down and bow before the Creator of this silent music, I am awestruck.

Loaned to me for these short days of rest, I am eternally grateful and thankful.

Enough it is, however, to enjoy the present time in this place, for the memory will invoke the music even when I am away from this place.

Never forgetting that God has brought me here to see Him in new and different ways, and new friends, that is His music, too.

Today I heard His music in the wind and the waves and the smiles and the conversation of His creation as it responded.

Muted by the awesomeness of His music in this silence, I praise Him for ears to hear and eyes to see.

Unable to find the words to praise Him, I simply bow in worship in this place of silent music.

Sincere in this praise of this inn, I thank God that He placed it on this ground.

In response to this place of silent music, my heart sings when I pause to remember the goodness of this place.

Correctly named, The Inn of Silent Music is a place to hear the music of God as He speaks to my soul.

 P.S. (Yes, I would recommend you go there, if you want peace and extreme quiet. They do not know I’m posting this.)

The Path Continues…


One thought on “Silent Music…

  1. Music of the soul can be heard when nothing else can be heard. I’ve been reading and rereading your words for some time so this comment belongs to all that I’ve read. Praise God for the miracle of creative expression. Your voice is awesome, both in singing and in praying. Your words, whether in print or in preaching, reflect the heart of God. I’m a believer in Praise and Worship. I’m a believer in creative expression, and I’m a believer in the wonders of silent miracles.

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