Reflecting on You, Father, we enter into this time of prayer.

Enlighten us with a fresh rhythm of your Holy Spirit as we draw near to You.

Flesh out our desire to know you better with a keen sensitivity to You working in our lives.

Level us on the field of life where You have called each of us to live and be Your witness.

Effuse on us a new willingness to look for You in the daily-ness of life.

Catch us when we fall, Father. And we do fall in sin and selfishness in this life.

Tether us to You ever tighter in this world in which we live and breath and have our being.

Instill in us a want-to that reflects Your Son to all we meet and not just “our” kind.

Open our minds to realms of possibilities that seem impossible to us but are not only possible for you, but you call us to join you there.

Negate our fear with your presence, Lord. We, in our best times, know You love us more than we love our fears.

 The Path Continues…


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