Close to the Root…

Kept, Close to the Root (A Pastoral Prayer)

King of Kings and Lord of Lords,

Eternal Father and God of All,

Protector and Provider for Pour children, we wait before You today!

Together, with all of the saints, as individuals, we come before You, O God.

Close to You, dear Lord, we long to be close to You.

Leaving behind our sins and turning our face to You,

Out of the darkness of this world, into the light of Your grace,

Shield us as we come to praise You, O Father.

Everything we have, You have given to us; accept our sacrifice of praise today.

To remain near You is our earnest plea, to draw close to You and realize that Your closeness is always here.

Out in the world, day by day, we need Your closeness—feed us through Your root, O God.

The need of Your nurture through the root of Your love is evident in our lives.

Help us to drink deeply of the nectar of Your life as we listen for Your still small voice today.

Enliven us to respond in obedience to what we hear You saying today.

Remove from us the tendency to think that the branch can live without the root.

Often we feel we can go it on our own, without remembering Your past grace and mercy—it is then that we stumble, dear God.

Overspray our lives with the awareness that You alone can keep us close to You.

Today we come, returning to You, our Root, wanting to reconnect to our life-source. Thank you, Lord, for being willing to receive us as we come. We pray in the name of the only true root, Your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Amen.

The Path Continues…


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