Thoughts and Impressions while at “A Gathering of Silence”

To set the stage or context for these thoughts, let me remember where I was and what I was doing when these impressions and thoughts came to me, I believe from God.

I had hiked to the top of Dismal Mountain and was resting there after writing a note. I fell asleep and awoke about 45 minutes later because it had turned cloudy, and a cool breeze was blowing across my body and I was cold. I got up and put my backpack on, and started to descend the mountain. I chose to return a different way than I had climbed going up. I chose the old trail that I had first used to climb that mountain several years ago. They had made a new and wide trail so more people could go to the top, but I chose the old, less used path to descend.

I have had the impression of “the drippings of grace,” ever since arriving here yesterday and I had written an acrostic on it last night before retiring. The impressions were further fleshed out as I descended the mountain. So here they are!

It was so quiet on the mountain you could actually hear the leaves falling as a gentle breeze would occasionally shake the tops of the trees. It was so still at times that you could hear absolutely nothing, then a gentle breeze would stir and leaves would, as it were, drip all over you. This thought occurred to me. The gentle breeze was God gently dripping His grace on the mountain just as He drips His grace on us who believe in His Son, Jesus. Let me amplify. This mountain has undergone some pretty dramatic events in the last several years. A hurricane with its mighty winds leveled a lot of the older trees, and loggers had to cut large scars in the face of the mountain in order to salvage the timber in those trees and to provide safety breaks so fire would not ravage the mountain. In addition, the past two years have been extremely dry, and the creeks and rivers that run through these mountains are very low in water and the noise associated with that.

It just seemed to me that the dripping of these leaves was a sign from God that He was healing the mountain. As the leaves would fall gently to the ground below, they would hide the scars of the cut roads and fallen trees. The leaves would provide nourishment for the remaining trees and foliage. The leaves were the dripping of grace to bring about renewal and healing to this mountain.

I was reminded that that is exactly like God’s grace. His grace drips on us from the blood of the cross and His Son, Jesus. As the leaves hide and heal the mountain, so God’s grace hides our sins and heals our brokenness. It provides the nourishment we need to renew and refresh our souls and spirits. God is the source of the needed, unmerited favor that His grace is and supplies. Just as the leaves from the trees come without price to the ground below, so God’s grace is a free gift for our acceptance.

The drippings of God’s grace are evident every day of our life, if we allow them to enter our lives. The people God brings into our lives, the “confluence of circumstances” that He brings into our paths, the still quiet voice to whisper His love, all of these things are part of the “drippings of grace” from a loving, forgiving, remaking, Father-God.

Thank you, Lord, for these impressions this morning. Allow me to share them with others who need the “drippings of your grace.     

The Path Continues…


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