Paying Attention

Persistent and loving Father,

Always pursuing and seeking us,

You love us in such a way that is hard for us to understand.

Instill in us the heart to pay attention to You today, O God.

Near to You is where we long to be in our heart of hearts.

Growing in our understanding of Your grace, we come to worship.

Allow Your grace to wash over us to cleanse and forgive today,

Take us into Your arms and shelter us from harm.

Test our sprits by Your Holy Spirit, to listen and to hear.

Enlarge our capacity to show mercy, even as You are merciful to us.

Never let our minds wander from You, Father.

Teach us be forgiving even as we are forgiven by You.

Instruct us in Your ways as we shift our attention from our way.

Open our minds to learn more of You today and then to be more of You to this world.

Negate our inattention with Your persistent love for us today, dear God.

The Path Contines

In the name of Your Son, whom we love, Amen!!


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