The Gaze of God…

The Gaze of God

Thankful, I am, when I finally realize that nowhere can I find myself outside the “gaze of God,” no matter where I try to hide.

Helped, I am, when I realize that the “gaze of God” is for my own good and not punitive, as my gaze can be to others.

Experience has brought a yearning for the “gaze of God” to view me as I am and yet still seek me.

God’s gaze at me is both correcting and loving; as the sun burns away the fog and caresses the lily.

Amazing that God’s gaze can purify, can clean, can burn and also heal, at the same time.

Zephyr-like, it can be, when the “gaze of God” seeks us when we have gone astray, to gently bring us back.

Eternal is God’s gaze – it shall be forever and forever.

O God in heaven, never turn Your gaze from me!

Forgive, when I might ask You to turn away; I don’t really mean it – it is the sin that cries out for darkness!

Gazing is to see with more than just the physical eye, from God’s side of the gaze.

Overcoming the limitations of our physical eyes, God’s gaze sees our intentions as well as our actions.

Determined to see us through – “the gaze of God” is a loving, watchful, ever-ready to help look from His heart to ours.

 The Path Continues…


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