Clinging brings an image of a grapevine clinging to a tree as it grows upward to the sky.

Love is also an image I see as one person clings to another, as they cling together.

Invited to cling to God as He clings to me is a personal image I have of His presence.

New vistas and new images are shown as I cling to God, as I grow in His knowledge and presence. 

Giving me glimpses of Himself, God clings to me as I walk the trails of life. 

Instead of giving up on me during those times when I do not cling to Him, He clings all the more to me.

New awareness of His clinging comes to me today as I have clung to Him as I have prayed and walked and worshiped. 

God, to You I cling, for You are the only one who clings to me and wants me to rest in that clinging!

The Path Continues…


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