Watering the Parched Soul

Withered and dry is the condition of the parched soul.

Alone and thirsty in a land of people and water.

Tired of seeking and refusing to drink of the water at hand.

Empty, as it were, like a bucket with a hole in the bottom.

Relishing refreshment, yet turning away from the source.

Inner dryness as well as stagnation

Nearly causes the soul to dissipate completely.

Gone is the “want to” of life’s existence.

The road seems too long to even begin to travel, but…

Help is here. It has always been here!

Eternal water, the only kind to soothe the parched soul, is available, if we will drink.

Parched souls can be watered and satisfied.

Accumulated parch-ness can be assuaged.

Re-establishment of delivery of this water to your soul is possible.

Christ, Jesus is His name, holds the water in His hands for the parched soul.

He invites us to drink of this living water, long and slow, and be refreshed and filled, and then to walk with Him and He will supply our need of this water.

Eternal satisfaction displaces parched depression.

Deliverance has come—we only need to drink of Him.

Sounds too simple? A little too easy, you say?

Open your soul, your mind, your heart to the only source of water for the parched soul. “Ask and you will receive.”

Unequaled by any other water, this water brings refreshing, saving grace.

Look for this water, the only water to satisfy your soul, and He will find you!!

 The Path Continues…


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