Joy in the Journey…

Joy in the Journey

Juggling the tension between joy and happiness, which is the root and which is the fruit, is an interesting experience.

Obese with this world’s conception of happiness, we become oblivious to a deeper experience known as joy.

Yawning before us is an experience that does not depend on situational emotions or feelings, but on foundational beliefs.

Impetuous in our headlong rush from one experience to another in search of some external source for what we call happiness,

Never really understanding the concept that joy is a much more desired gift than internal motivations and desires, and outward situations.

Threaded throughout our world view is the notion of getting, keeping and controlling as the way to secure happiness.

Hollow we become, as we keep piling up “things” to make us happy, or so we say.

Empty shells of whitewashed tombs, to borrow a phrase, we look pretty on the outside but have little or no foundational belief from which the happiness springs.

Journeying through this life can be drudgery when seen from this “happiness” perspective.

Out of a deep believe that God loves me and wants to have a rich fellowship with me, I draw a sense of joy not dependant on situational experiences.

Unadulterated, pure, true, incorruptible joy flows from Love itself to me, and I am struck by a sense of awe and thanksgiving to think I am the object of such love.

Relief from worrying about day-to-day experiences in order to find happiness, I allow God’s joy to wash over me from His wellspring of life.

Not a spiritual arrogance or a naiveté that looks for a pie-in-the-sky attitude, but a basic belief in God—I am His and He is Mine—is foundational in my life; that is joy.

Enveloping, as core value is to any organization, in this belief in God’s love for me.

Yearning to know more of God’s love, I have a joy that is growing in this journey called life. There is Joy in the Journey!

The Path Continues…


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