A Concert…

A Concert of Prayer

Attempting to, once again, remain in Your presence, O God,

Coming in humbleness and confidence to You, our Father,

Only because You invite, urge, lead and bid us to come,

Now we unite our hearts and spirits in prayer with You, Father.

Concerting with your Holy Spirit, we raise our voices as one in adoration and love for You.

Enliven us as we come confessing our sin as individuals and as your children, seeking Your forgiveness.

Remember our sin no more for the sake of Your Son, Jesus Christ.

Trembling, we confess as we hear you saying, “Repent and I will heal.”

Offering whatever we are and have, we long to be healed from the effects of our sin.

Forgiveness from You, Father, is what we seek and long for today.

Prepare our hearts and minds and spirits for the answer to our prayers.

Remove the scales from our eyes that blind us to Your way.

Allow us to be renewed in spirit as we communicate with You today.

Yielded, as much as we know how to yield, to You in our best times, Father. Forgive our lack of yieldedness in our worse times.

Enlighten us in spirit and sight to discern Your will for this world so that we may know where and how we can be in that will to accomplish it here on this earth as in heaven.

Reveal to us as a congregation of Your children, gathered in this place, what You, our Father, would speak to us today.  Hear us O God as we pray.

           Open our ears, Lord. Open our eyes, Lord. Open our hearts, Lord.

                        We truly want to hear, to see and to know You.    Amen.

The Path Continues…


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