Window Worship…

Window Worship

As we pause at this window of silence, O God, we wait before You!

In this window we call our worship to You, O God, we come to allow Your light and Your air into our lives today.

As we worship You and our faith matures, expand within us the best of what is childlike as we press our noses against the window pane to see You, O God.

When we confront newness or have fresh insights, O God, expand in us a sense of wonder.

Whenever we strive to understand Your majesty, O God, expand our capacity for awe.

When we experience ourselves as rigid and immovable, expand the pliability of our thinking, O God.

Whenever our love for You or our brothers and sisters diminishes, O God, expand our capacity for affection.

Amid the minor chaos of daily living, enliven our childlike imaginations and let them be a source of hope, O God.

By the grace You extend to us, may we have the courage to live in this world as Your children, seeing the windows that You want us to look in, and through, each day.

For Jesus’ sake, Amen.

The Path Continues…


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