To Finish…

To Begin To Finish

To You, O God, we come to lower our heads in an expression of the love we have for You through Your Son, Jesus Christ, and at the bidding of Your Holy Spirit.

Out of the world, this moment, we have come to gather our bodies, minds and spirits, and collectively lay them at Your feet, just now.

Because we have sinned—in word, in thought, in deed—these past days, we come confessing; we come believing that You want to cleanse us and make us new; we seek that today, O God, through Your grace.

Entering into a time of recommitment, we come with petitions for ourselves and intercessions for others, O Father.

Goodness and mercy flow from You, O God, as the rivers flow from the depths of Your earth.

Intending to allow You to wash over us, we lay at Your feet, O Father, thankful that You reach down to lift our heads to look in Your face and experience Your forgiveness.

Newness of life and spirit flow from Your gaze, O Lord, and we would praise Your holy name in this sanctuary and in the open spaces.

The times of this world seem harsh, with its death, sorrow and suffering; help us to see You, O Lord, as we cling to Your promises in Your word.

Open our hearts, not just our minds, O Lord, to the world around us, a world that is not getting better, but a world that is dying without You; help us to finish the work that You have called us to do.

Find us faithful, dear God, as we look to You for guidance and strength to complete our tasks.

Instill in us Your will to plant seeds of goodness and grace in this world.

Nudge us out of our safety zones, O God, into the fields that are white unto harvest, even now.

In the world where we live, help us, Lord, to heal hurts and allow You to bring Your peace.

Save us, Lord, from our selfish, uncaring pride.

Heal us from the ravages of sin that we may be useful to You, O God, our Father, our Savior, our Lord.  Amen

The Path Continues…


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