Eating with Jesus…

Eating with Jesus

Eternal and everlasting is the food offered by Jesus as He invites us to a meal,

Allowing a strength and resilience that is un-measured and strong,

Teaching us what is useful and beneficial for our lives as we eat with him.

Involving all of the senses in this meal-hearing, seeing, touching, smelling and tasting-we experience the presence of God in this mealtime.

Noticing that Jesus, too, seeks this meal with us, we realize He wants to be in our presence also.

Getting to the table with Jesus is a joyful and merciful time of invitation and acceptance.

Water, food, nourishment for the physical body is but an illustration of what Jesus brings to the table as we sit and feast together in his love.

Introspection of all the times I’ve refused to sit and eat with him causes me to ask why He would want to, still.

Too many times I have said I’m too busy, maybe on Sunday or when I’m finished with this task, even though I was hungry all the while.

Hearing, yet not believing, I took my own path to the table and prolonged the waiting presence-I was selfish, but He waited, yet and still.

Just as physical food sustains the body, so this food sustains the soul as I eat with him today. He provided and does provide the needed sustenance for my life.

Eternal and everlasting, yes it is. When I come to the table He has already prepared for me, I find filling to overflowing.

Sure and safe in His presence at the table, I can be, knowing that He knows me and still wants to eat with me.

Using mere words does not provide the means to describe this eating with Jesus.  It is much more than I can explain.

Seeing Him inviting me, waiting for me, waiting on me, providing the meal that I need is truly a loving presence. I finally realize that is what this meal is all about, presence. Jesus does indeed love me…this I know.

The Path Continues…


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