Sabbatical Time…

Apart from work and responsibility, from worry and stress, I have caught my breath in this sabbatical time.

To comprehend the need to have a Sabbath time

Is a major hurdle to overcome as a minister.

Mistaken loyalties to everyone but our self and family

Envelopes us one at a time as we feel the need to serve others.


Often we mistake our need to be needed, in the name of serving the church or of serving God.

Forgetting that God called us to “be still and know” first of all.



Sabbaths are needed, as is evident in our lives, if we would only look—

Away from “things” that bind us to this world, refreshed by being away.

Believing that God has set the example and provided the call,

Before Him I have come to this sabbath time.

Attempting to follow His lead, I rest and am being refreshed.

Timid in the process, I do so want to be missed, ah, too human I am, I confess.

Instructed in this period of time – time to reflect, to meditate, to listen.

Consoled that God is in control and He is showing me who I am.

Attentive, I hope, to His voice and will as He leads me here.

Leveled now, once more, to be, to know, to do, as God commands.

The Path Continues…


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