A Well-Watered Garden

Like a Well-Watered Garden

Lord and Savior of mankind, forgive our foolish ways.

Instruct us in Your truth, O God, as we wait on You today.

Kindly show us Your will today, for we want to be Yours.

Enliven our minds with Your word as we seek you this day.

Allow us to know You better and serve You more as we read Your Word and allow it to sink deep within us.

Water us with Your Spirit as You would water the earth with rain.

Enter into our very souls to refresh and to remake us at the very core of our being.

Look into our beings to see the sin and dust as it lies deep within.

Leave us never, as we would want You to stay and show us how live Your way today.

Walk among us, Lord, to guide our footsteps and to keep us on Your path.

Attune us to Your voice, O God, so that we may sing Your songs and speak Your words to a dying world.

Teach us what You require in all areas of our lives as we fast, pray and do.

Evoke in us the will to do as You instruct and to be as You are.

Revive us again, O Lord, so that we may be examples to this world in which we live, examples of Your “well-watered garden” in a dry and weary land.

Envision for us a new creation as you remake and remold and recast us in Your image today.

Deliver us from ourselves, O God, as we seek to live for You today.

Guard us from the “prince of this world” who seeks to destroy and to deceive us each and every moment of each day.

Adjust our vision, Father, as we look on the temptation to do our will and our own “thing.”

Rewind us on Your spool as we have flung ourselves every which way as we have gone our own way.

Determine to grow in us the “want to” to hear You speak even in times of silence, that we may hear and know You, O God.

Eternal in the heavens, we know You are, O God, but Your presence is with us here today as a “spring that never runs dry.”

New each morning are Your mercies, O God. Help us to be Your mercy to others as you lead us along life’s path.

The Path Continues…


One thought on “A Well-Watered Garden

  1. Please pray for my son Jason as he is going through a divorce. His wife who he loves very much has gone a path where she is surrounded by people and throughts that are not of Christ and entered into adultery and into mystical healings and trips to Egypt for spiritual healing through a mystic in Eugene. She is trying to influence the children with these thoughts. Please pray for my three granddaughters for protection from these evil influences that Christ will reign in their lives and in the life of my son as he tries to pull away from someone he loves very much to protect his children. His wife has asked him to turn from the faith of his youth. He is very confused in life right now and needs prayer for him and his family. He told me today he feels like a shell of emptiness. As I did my walk this morning, God showed and reminded me of the living water of Christ and I prayed this over my son and his children. I need prayer support to fight the evil that has overtaken my son’s life and his family. Please also pray for his wife Julie that she will turn from her adulterous sin and she will no longer be blinded in the destruction she is causing in her family’s lives.

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