Crabtree Falls…

Crabtree Falls

Climbing the trail beside this beautiful gift of God,

Realizing that He is the Creator of such beauty and grandeur

Always causes me to pause and remember Whose I am, as well as who I am.

Believing that God is in control of all of creation, this beautiful waterfall, as well as me,

To sense again the wonder and majesty of creation, is breathtaking, to say the least.

Remembering that He said I was more important than lilies or sparrows, or even waterfalls,

Enlivens the inner being and refreshes the soul.

Even when I forget to remember, He is there and this gift serves as that reminder to me today.

Forgetting seems to be a part of my nature, so I’m glad He provides wake-up moments in life.

Allowing me to return is just one part of His magnificent grace.

Loving even when I’m the most unlovable, that is His nature, too.

Leaving me alone? Never, He is always there. No, that should be, He is always here.

Sensing His presence, I have been renewed by being in this place.  Thank You, God, for Crabtree Falls.

 The Path Continues…


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