Peering Through the Window…

Peering Through the Window

Dear Lord and Father, we come to You in the hour as a worship time. We come looking, as it were, through the window panes of our lives to see You. We peer through the experiences of our lives as we press our faces ever closer to Yours. We are seeking, dear Father; help us to find.

As the psalmist has said, we want to sing a new song to You, yet we can only do that as we remember the basis for the old song, and that is Your grace, dear God. You, O God, are our refuge and our strength. Help us to shout that joy to the whole world and all who live in it.

We gather with You, dear God, to offer our praise and to extol You. We want to glorify Your name, as a people and as Your children. May we be known as Your children, O God, and not children of this world.

May what we do today, O God, change us forever and help us to be more of what You intended us to be.

We would glorify Your name today, O God.  Amen

The Path Continues…


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