The Path…

The Path

Today I learned a valuable lesson as I walked along a path beside Crabtree Falls.

Having gone there to take photographs of the falls themselves, I was caught off guard as God called my attention to the path itself.

Entering the path, which I had walked several times before, became a totally new experience as God spoke about paths and the call on my life to walk His path. The path itself became the goal, not the photographs of the falls as I had planned.

Pausing as I realized that God was speaking, I saw the path in an entirely new light. It was a lesson in life. Some places the path was level and easy to climb, and God was speaking that He had planned this for me. Then the path would become steep and rocky and slippery, and God was once again there to remind me that He was there, too. And when the path was dark and foggy, He reminded me that He provided the light for my way. When the path turned sharply and I could not see around the bend, He assured me that the path continued. “Keep going,” He said.

Always there, He is always there, no matter the condition of the paths; sometimes to walk beside and talk and help us rest; sometimes to go ahead and clear the way or to hold the lantern for our feet to find the path; sometimes to lend a hand to help us over the steep, rocky places. Yet, He is always there.

There to help, to hold, to encourage, to lead, to allow us to stumble, if we must out of our own pride that says we can do it on our own; yet, He waits with tender mercy to pick us up when we realize we have fallen, and He sets us on the path again and provides grace for the journey ahead. All He asks is that we continue on the path that He has for each one of us.

Having stumbled many times trying to walk the path of life that I feel God has given me to walk, I was reassured that He is still on that path with me and that He will show me things along the path more wondrous than the sights that I had planned and were off of His path for me. I need to remember that God’s path is the goal itself; and the willingness and “want to” to stay on that path is a daily surrendering to His will and claiming His grace to keep on that path, no matter what the condition of the path on any given day. Thank you, God, for getting my attention away from the “falls” and helping me to see that the “path” is the “goal.”

 The Path Continues…


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