We, dear Father, amid the many distractions of living life in this place where we live, come to find a center-place, a quiet center, a still axis around which we may worship You in spirit and in truth.

We seek a renewed awareness of Your presence with us every day, everywhere, in every situation of life, O Lord, for we know that to meet You in here, You have indeed been with us out there in the world each day.

We come to present our petitions of prayer for forgiveness of our sins, O God. We are so easily distracted from following Your will and Your way. We confess that we have sinned. O Lord, have mercy on us. We long to be children after Your own heart.

We raise our prayers of intercession for our brothers and sisters who have failing health and failing spirits, O God. We gently offer to lift them to Your throne as some sort of sacrifice of our own selfishness. Use us, Lord, to lift them physically and spiritually as we seek Your best for them.

We would offer our praise to You, dear God, in singing, in praying, and in silence of this hour.  Accept us, O Lord—You who know our hearts and still seek us. We seek, as children seek blessings from their earthly parents, blessings from You in this hour, O God.

We come to lay ourselves again at Your altar, to acknowledge that we can do nothing without You and, indeed, we are nothing; yet, You have promised to never leave us…We come seeking and we hear You saying, “Lo, I am with You….”

We thank You, Father, in the name of Jesus, Your Son, and at the bidding of the Holy Spirit, Your Spirit. Amen!

The Path Continues…


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