A Prayer for Our Nation…

A Prayer for Our Nation

O God, our help in ages past and our only hope in days to come, we come before You in this hour with grateful hearts and thanksgiving; with grateful hearts because of Your gracious mercy that You have given freely to us, individually; in thanksgiving for the wondrous blessings of material gifts that You have given to us.

We would humbly bow to say how much we love You. We, with others of Your children, come to praise You and to worship You today.

We come with intercessions on behalf of our nation, O God. We thank You for Your gracious provision of a free government. We praise You that You are the creator and sustainer of good in the world in which we live. We ask for Your continued watch-care over us as we seek to live out Your goodness in this nation of ours.

We ask for wisdom to know how to live for You in a nation that at times seems far from You. We know, O God, You have called us to be “in” the world but not “of” the world. Help us to be the pure salt and bright light that seasons, purifies and illumines the world in which we live. Give us Your courage and strength to live for You, wherever we may be.

As we pray, Father, hear our earnest prayer. Grant peace among the nations and joy in the living of these days.

As we draw close to You, accept our pleas and petitions on behalf of ourselves, our nation and Your world.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.  Amen!

The Path Continues…


2 thoughts on “A Prayer for Our Nation…

  1. Amen to both entries today! Hopefully, we will be praying for our nation on our way to the polls today! I heard a sad poll from last year that only 40% of Christians voted last year.

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