Pressing On…

Pressing On

Precious Lord, in the newest of days, we have come to You!

Remembering Your goodness and kindness to us is easy to do, for You are love and love is You, and You have given Yourself to us in the past days.

Entering this newness gives us cause to hope again; we hope only in You, O Lord.

Sensing something greater lies ahead, we come humbly to seek Your face, to take the next step in following You this day, O God.

Submitting ourselves to Your will, we want to walk where You walk, see what You see, and understand as You understand, this day.

Intercession for those who are ill—physically, emotionally and spiritually—is on our minds, hearts and lips as we lift them up to You, as You have lifted us up, O God.

Needless to say, O God, we continue to need Your lifting—may we allow others to lift us beyond our pride to You.

Gone is yesterday, O God—help us to commit the past to Your divine forgiveness—help us to remember that You are the I am, not the I was.

Only help us see You, O God, in the faces of those we meet, the children, the adults, all that we meet—help us to know You better and to serve You better in all we say and do this day.

Never alone, You have promised to never leave us alone, O Father; as we look to see Your footsteps ahead, grant us courage for the living of these days. In the precious name of the great I am, I pray.  Amen.

The Path Continues…


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