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Expressing our love and adoration, we come, Father, to worship you today.

X-ray our lives today and see if there are any impurities and burn them away, O God, even as you cleanse us.

Claiming your word as our own, we ask you to teach us to pray, even today.

Lead us into all righteousness and help us not to yield to the temptations of this world, Father.

Avert our attention from the things of this world to you, O Lord that we may hear you and see you.

Move us along the path of this journey of life that you have called us to walk with you.

Attune out hearts to sing your praises and our minds to learn from of you, O God.

Take us and seal us for your kingdom’s work here on earth that we would want to help and not hinder your kingdom coming.

Instill in us your will that we may know and do what is good and perfect in your sight.

Overcome us with your goodness and mercy that we may show your grace to a needful world.

Needing to express our love for you, Father, we praise you for yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever!  Amen!

The Path Continues…


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