Dear Lord and Father of mankind, we come today to praise You and to say how much we love You for creating the family.

Enough, it is, for us to know You as Father, as You say to us, “Come as little children.”

Desiring Your grace to fall again on these who come today to say that we want to dedicate ourselves and our families to You, O God, we come.

In love and devotion we say, “Thank You” for the blessings of forgiveness and mercy and love in our lives.

Carry us, O Lord, along the paths of life that You have bid us to walk with You as our guide and friend.

Allow Your strength to surround us as we walk with You and You with us, as we strive to see with Your eyes.

Tenderly, we ask for wisdom, Your wisdom, as we seek to be examples and models for the children of today and tomorrow.

Interlock our steps with Yours, dear Lord, and lead us in the paths of righteousness for Your name’s sake.

Open our eyes and ears to see Your beauty and to hear Your voice in this world in which we are “in” and not “of.”

Near to Your heart, bid us come; accept our praise as we seek Your face in worship, prayer and praise to You today.

The Path Continues…


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