Dear Father…

Dear Father, as a child comes to be gathered into his mother’s or father’s arms at the end of a long day, we come longing to be gathered into Your presence in a most public and open way this morning.

Dear Father, we want to come to You openly and in full view of this world, so that we may be gathered as some kind of public witness of our love for You—but more than this, to allow Your love to flow through and outside of ourselves to this world where we live.

Dear Father, we come to become more aware of Your presence than we have ever been; we have sensed Your presence in the private times and long to be strengthened here in this place to once again enter into Your call to take Your presence into the world.

Dear Father, we come to praise You for Your faithfulness and Your ever present love; we seek Your presence in order take that faithfulness and love to the people we come into contact with, today and as long as life lasts.

Dear Father, Abba, we love You. May our actions in this time of worship be a foretelling of our intentions when we leave this room to share Your Son’s presence in our lives with other children who may not know him.

Dear Father, thank You for gathering us in Your presence today, individually and collectively.  Amen.

The Path Continues…


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