Spruce Trees on Doefoot…

I looked upon the mountain for over four years.

I saw some lonely spruce trees rising from the forest there;

It was on the very top of this mountain called: ”Doefoot.”

I wondered how could I reach those trees and stand and look.

I, for over four years, with a couple of trips each year,

Have sat and wondered, instead of going, how to climb up there.

This year, I finally did it; I made the effort to get to the top.

I walked the property line, an old road and through laurel thickets very thick.

It was while standing at the foot of those lonely trees.

I was suddenly made aware of an awesome silence there.

The leaves stopped rustling, the sound of the wind disappeared,

A dead calm came upon the mountain—silence everywhere!

In the midst of a dense mountain laurel thicket,

At the feet of those lonely spruce trees,

God had brought me to be one with Him.

I was aware of my bowing and, at the same time, the raising of my hands.

It was a silent worship service, just God and me and the spruce trees.

I praised God for the climb, but the silence was also praised.

It was a silence that I could not have made, only God-provided,

A silence and a stillness that I had been in only a few times before.

Each time before, it was a time of worship, also.

I guess I should not have been surprised,

I had been looking for a place to praise Him.

Yet, He surprised me by the stark stillness on that mountain.

A stillness that I had sought, yet was surprised to find,

At the foot of a lonely spruce tree on Doefoot Mountain.

I had climbed to see what I could see;

Instead, I closed my eyes and met God; what more did I need to see?!

The lonely spruce trees on Doefoot Mountain will always hold for me

A memory of stillness and silence, but more, I worshiped God there!

I clung to Him as He clung to me at the foot of those lonely spruce trees, worship, borne out of stillness and silence and presence!!

The Path Continues…


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