Advent-the Who…

Adoration and praise we bring to You, O Lord, in this worship time as we begin the celebration of the advent of Your Son’s birth here on this earth.

Determined, once again, to know You as You came to us to be one of us and, yet, be the Savior of us all; we say, O Lord, we love You!

Vile and sinful as we are, we come seeking Your forgiveness as we long to be in Your presence, both publicly and privately.

Enrich us, O Lord, with a new awareness of what Your birth as a human being means in our everyday lives and help us to share that awareness with others in this advent season.

Never alone have You left us; let Your light shine through us to the world where You have placed us this advent season, dear Lord.

Teach us to listen, O Lord. As the prophets of old spoke to the people in their day, help us to hear You speaking to us now through Your word and Your prophets today.

When we come into this place, to publicly proclaim Your love for us, may we have already met You in the private recess of our hearts and allowed You to overflow to the world around us, O Lord.

Help us to know the who of this advent season: Your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Overshadow us with Your presence as we come; guide us by Your Spirit as we go; may others see the advent of Your birth in us and ask, “Who is this Christ?”

In the name of the ‘Who’ of Christmas, I pray.  Amen.

The Path Continues…


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