Healing Hands…

Having come to worship You, O Father, we seek Your healing hands to embrace our broken lives.

Eternal in the heavens You are, but we know You are eternally present with us here on this earth also.

Accept our plea for forgiveness as we seek healing from the consequences of sin in our lives today.

Lean into us more and more as we come to know that we can’t lean on our own strength, O God.

Inspire in us a renewed interest in Your will in our lives as we seek Your healing and forgiveness.

No earthly argument can stand in the presence of Your love and mercy as You give them freely to us, Father.

Grant to each of us an overflowing sense of Your presence through Your Holy Spirit as we Worship You today.

Hearing Your word spoken causes us pain as we realize how far we have missed the mark You have for us Father.

Attune our minds to Your words today, O Father, and allow it to permeate our hearts and spirits as we seek to know You more.

Natural tendencies in our lives seek to lead us from You and into this world in which we live.  Help us to not be of this world as we live in it.

Deliver us from evil, O Lord, as we seek to live for You and to be Your hands in this world.

Send us forward, dear Father, to be Your healing hands for a world so racked by pain and suffering.

The Path Continues…


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