New Year Confession…


(A Pastoral Prayer)

 In the stillness of this time, dear God, I ask for a fresh cleansing of myself by Your Holy Spirit as I stand to offer my praise and thanks to You, O God.

Cleansing is needed, O Lord, for I have sinned and I need Your forgiveness.  I have thought myself better than I am. I have thought You came to save me and have kept that good news to myself this week. God, forgive me.

 Help me, help us, to see that You love all people, regardless of their condition, their situation in life, their occupation, their race. Help us, O Lord, to be the bearers of Your good news to a world in such need of good news.

We love You, O God. We lift up our praise and adoration to You with sincere hearts, such as we can have. Accept our praise and thanksgiving for Your grace that keeps us each day. Help us to sing Your wondrous story to all we meet, this day, and until You come again.

Dear Lord, help us to be in You and allow You to be in us so much so that the good news of Your saving grace will be seen in us as we live our lives each day so that others will ask us, “What is the reason for Your hope?” Help us to tell them about our Jesus Christ!

Thank You, Lord, for hearing our prayer. Even so Lord, come quickly!  Amen!

The Path Continues…


One thought on “New Year Confession…

  1. Amen and Amen! Lord create opportunities for us to speak of Christ to those whose hearts you are preparing to receive Him.

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