Seeking God…

Seeking, to me, is an active pursuit of someone or something.

Entering into a determined search it is more than just thinking about someone or something.

Entertaining thoughts about someone or something can be a very passive event but seeking someone or something is active.

Key to seeking is a “want to”, a hole that needs to be filled, a realization that I need what I’m seeking—I cannot be whole without it.

Intrinsic in seeking is the thought, no, assurance, that what I seek will satisfy that need to seek.

Not seeking what can satisfy is like knowing where there is water to quench your thirst and never going to get it.

God is who I seek-only He can satisfy and make me whole.

Going after God, I find he is and was seeking me even before I knew I need to seek Him.

Overturned, I was, by what I was seeking as He sought me first and was bidding me to come all the time.

Deciding to seek God was the best decision I ever made-He was and still continues to be “findable.”

The Path Continues…


2 thoughts on “Seeking God…

  1. Amen. This needs to be before me constantly. It is too easy to be wrapped up in my “to do” list! Maybe I’ll put it on my fridge!

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