Where Are You?…

Wandering child of mine, I long to walk and talk with you again in the cool of the evening. Where are you?”

Hoping to find you in our familiar place, I come to see and talk with you. “Where are you?”

Emptiness, I suddenly sense emptiness as I do not find you or see you. I know something has changed! “Where are you?”

Remembering our close relationship since your creation, I wonder if you know that I know where you are all the time. But still I ask, “Where are you?”

Eternity will be a long time if you do not come to Me for I am seeking you no matter what happened. “Where are you?”

 Are you fearful of Me, your Father? Do you hide from the One who created you? What do you think I’m asking when I say, “Where are you?”

Revealing My true love for you, I come asking you where you are even though I already know. I ask so you will know. “Where are you?”

Enter into a conversation with Me. Tell me what has happened. I long to hear you answer my question. “Where are you?”

Yearning to regain our once love relationship, I come seeking you and wanting you to know that I love you. “Where are you?”

Open, I am, to you even though you have hidden and have disobeyed My intention for you. I love you more than you will know by hiding. “Where are you?”

Union with you-socially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, completely-to show you how much I truly love you is My only purpose. “Where are you?” I AM HERE.

The Path Continues…


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