(A Prayer)

All-knowing, ever-present and loving God, our Father,

Tilt your countenance toward us as we enter into this time of worship and praise, dear God!

Together, we are here to try and come to some understanding of who we are and why You love us enough to bid us to come to You.

Into Your Word we delve today to allow Your Holy Spirit to lead us to all truth about ourselves and about You, O God. Open our hearts to You is our prayer!

Tether us to You today through this wanting of ours to be more like You even as we approach in fear and trembling.

Use us dear Father, to feed this hungry world the bread of life, Your Son, Jesus Christ.  Help us to see that Your Word demands that of Your children.

Diffuse us, Lord, when we leave this place today as a light fixture would diffuse the light into a room to replace the darkness of this world with You-the light of the world.

Effuse in us a new attitude that flows straight from Your heart, Father. May we have the same mind as Jesus Christ, your Son.

                             Thank You, Father.  Amen!

The Path Continues…


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