Portals of Grace…

(Posted today in honor of Jean Carr, a Portal of God’s Grace for many!)

People, places and things come into our lives and provide points of entry for God’s grace.

Ordinary things, done by ordinary people, open us to extraordinary experiences of love, support, challenge and encouragement as we live day by day.

Realization of God’s grace is oftentimes a surprise, as a place may bring remembrances to mind that cause us to see God in that place as never before.

Trials and tests that come into our life may also serve to bring a sense of God’s grace if we will look for it.

Attention to people, places, and things, as we come into contact with them, is the key to finding God’s grace in the ordinariness of life.

Living life one day at a time, with expectancy and attentiveness, will help us see the ordinary portals of grace in our path.

Savoring the life lived and the life given as we pass others along our path brings joy for the grace lived among us.

Outward appearances may prove to be hindrances for us to become portals of grace for others.

Forgetting to express grace to others in the simplest of things-a smile, a hello, 0r even a goodbye-may close our portal to give and receive God’s grace along our path.

Giving and receiving grace is a manner of living, not something that can be earned or purchased, but it can be learned as we receive the grace that others offer.

Refusing to receive grace is something that will prove regrettable.  Grace, God’s grace, is a free gift. It can be refused, but the gift is still there waiting to be received.

Allowing God’s grace entry into our lives and then becoming portals of grace for others is a joyful, fulfilling way to live life here on this earth.

Come home to the grace that is given as a gift from God through His Son to His children. God’s grace, given through the portals of grace in life, is well worth the risk of acceptance.

Eternity will be, and is now, full of people, places and things that become, for us portals of God’s grace.

The Path Continues…


One thought on “Portals of Grace…

  1. Lord, make me a portal of your grace to others as I have received it, even when being gracious is the hardest thing to do!

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