(An Invocation Acrostic)

Almighty God, Eternal Father, we are together today to seek Your face, to love You with our presence as we worship You.

Without Your presence, O Lord, we are just another gathering of people, for we know that You are the only reason to come together in this place.

 Awaken us to Your will today, O God; enliven our senses to see You at work in our own lives, individually as well as a congregation.

Remold us, Lord, to be better able to accomplish the tasks that You give us.

Enfold us in Your arms, O Lord, to show Your grace even when we fail to see and believe.

Newness of life in this old world, dear God, is what we seek—a newness of spirit that leads to a newness of witness and worship.

Evoke in Your people today a sense of praise, and a spirit of love and peace, that the world may know whose we are as well as who we are.

Shield us from temptations that would lead us to believe that we are the reason we come to this place—we want to see Jesus, not ourselves.

Send Your Holy Spirit on us this hour, O God, our Father, that we may be instruments of Your peace and doers of Your will today and as long as life shall last.  Amen!

The Path Continues…


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