Risking to Love…

Risking To Love

Rising to a level of respect and trust that was unknown in my life before now,

I dare to risk whatever I am or will be to love as I believe God loves me.

Self-seeking has no part in this kind of love; giving totally of one’s self is the ultimate joy here.

Kindred spirits instead of competitive spirits characterize this type of relationship.

Intuitive as to the other’s needs, wants, desires; sensitive attention to the whole person, describes this love.

Needing to receive, only acceptance of the free gift of this love, from the person who is loved.

Grace abounds in this relationship; mercy is given; sins are forgiven.

Togetherness, in all things, whether present or absent physically, is evident in the true sense of the word.

Ominous can be the feeling if there is no acceptance of this gift. For love, this love, can only be a gift.

Level is the field, there is no rank or hierarchy in this love. Side by side, not ahead and behind.

Openness to this love can feel frightening when you realize that you are vulnerable, completely naked, without recourse, you have given your all.

Verification of this love comes, not when it is returned, but in the willingness to give it again and again.

Even when rejected and not accepted, this love continues to risk the giving of itself.

The Path Continues…


2 thoughts on “Risking to Love…

  1. Years ago I had the blessing of reading many of your words. This one touched my heart so long ago and fifteen years later it touched my heart again. As the tears started to flow I realized how much these words mean to me. It’s beautiful.

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