Loved by Love Itself…

Loved by Love Itself

What does it mean to be loved by love itself?  The question then becomes, “what is love?”

Love, love itself, is not dependent on what or who we are, or have done or will do.

Others is the focus of love itself; it does not depend on their reaction, their acceptance, but on what I know and feel, and how I react to that knowledge and feeling.

Vision of the other is more important than vision of myself in being loved by love itself.

Expecting nothing in return because of what I do, I want what is best for the other person, regardless of their reaction.

Devotion to that other in kindness and charity, and seeking their good is something of the goal of love itself.

Before we are able to show that true love to someone else, we must know the author of love itself, even God!

Yahweh God, even His Son, Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit, is the only author of love itself, for God is Love!

Lifted up, I feel, when I remember that to love someone as God loves me is to let Him love them through me, my heart, my mind, my body.

Overcome with a sense of unworthiness, He calls me to remember that He loved me and loves me just as I was and am.

Victorious freedom comes to me as He loves me for His sake and for love itself.

Enough for me to know that God’s love is perfect, pure, everlasting, unchanging and has a plan for my life.

I Long to see the face of love itself, yet He tells me to see it in the faces of those He brings into my path each day.

To see the face of love itself, I must see with His eyes and not my selfish pride.

Seeking true love causes me to love others as love itself loves them.

Elephant-like, our capacity to show love should become; always remembering what or who this love itself is.

Longing to become like love itself, to be able to love as it loves, I realize I have a ways to go.

Finish, then, Your creation, O God.  Help me to love for love itself.

The Path Continues…


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