New Confidence…

New Confidence

Nearer to You, Loving Father, we want to be nearer to You today.

Enter into our very beings as we come to study Your Word and worship You.

Without You, O God, we have no confidence to speak of and no joy to live in today.

Comfort us today through the power of Your Spirit and in the presence of Your people as we gather together.

Open us to Your grace and mercy as we bow in humble gratitude before You today.

Negate our over confidence in our own selfishness with the power of Your love for us.

Forgive our foolish ways, O Father.

Instill, deep with us, the reason for the new confidence we can have in You.

Defeat in us the “want-to” that causes us to be over confident in ourselves and the things of this world.

Enlighten us with Your Word today that we may have the confidence that come from knowing Your Son and His sacrifice for us.

Never forsake us, Lord.  We want to know You and Your salvation.

Concentrate us, Father, as the juice of a fruit is concentrated for use and expand us when the water of Your Spirit is showered on us to tell the world of Your Son with new confidence.

Effuse us with Your “self” today, Father, so we may be more like You to the world where You have gifted us to live today.

The Path Continues…


One thought on “New Confidence…

  1. Love that thought of being concentrated like the juice of a fruit, then expanded when the Holy Spirit chooses to fill us and use us for His glory! This gives me a renewed incentive to pack in the truths of God’s Word and personal worship each day to be prepared for the scattering of God’s love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Instead of resenting having to be loving, kind, or using self control when I’d rather not (!)I can rejoice to be used of God. What a life-changing truth this could be to many people!

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