Wisdom in Your Will, O Lord…

Without knowing the reason for saying the phrase,

I prayed to know wisdom beyond my wisdom; to know wisdom in Your will, O Lord.

Sensing a real need to know more of You, O God, I thank You for allowing me to voice that prayer.

Dare I act in my own finite wisdom, it would lead to sure defeat and delay in accomplishing Your will, dear God.

Open my eyes to Your leading today as I seek an open mind and heart to Your perfect will.

Move me from ungratefulness to gratitude for all that You bring into my life to sustain and enliven.

Instill in me the “want to”, not just to know Your will, but do Your will in Your wisdom.

Negate the selfish, cynical self that seeks to dwell within me to keep me from seeking You, O God.

You have told me in Your Word that if I seek you, I will find You, O Lord—thank You for Your promises.

Out of Your great mercy and grace allow me the knowledge to understand Your wisdom in Your will.

Unbend my heart from the worlds bending to a bent toward and for You.

Rotate the antenna of my will in the direction of Your will for my life.

Withhold Your judgment of my sin as I repent from my wisdom to turn to Your wisdom.

Illuminate me once again with the light of Your presence and the love that died for me—help me see again.

Lasting is the effect of Your gracious forgiveness for my sins—help me to show that same grace to others.

Leaning and bent I come again to Your holy throne to seek, to ask, and to find You.

Obese I want to become in Your wisdom, love, grace, joy and self control.

Loose not Your love that tethers my soul to You, O Lord—keep me tight to You.

Ooze out of me into the world and into the awareness of the people that You have out into my path, dear Father.

Remold me into a more perfect likeness of Your Son so that the wisdom of Your will may once again be made known in this land where I live.

Delight Yourself in the seeking of Your will and in the doing of Your will in this person, dear God!

The Path Continues…


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