In the moments of stillness and quiet that we long for today, O God, we come to this place to hear You speak.

Never alone are the least of Your children; You have promised us through Your Holy Spirit to be here, dear Father.

Visit us today and help us to listen so that we may know how to live as a child of Yours in this world.

Over-wash us with Your grace as we come to You in praise, thanksgiving and adoration, dear Lord.

Correct us as a loving father corrects his erring children, dear God, with Your tender, yet strong, hand.

Allow us to see Your face in the faces of each person we see today and as we live each day.

Together we come; yet, as individuals we pray; O Lord, hear our prayer; we want to say that we love You.

Into our hearts flood Your love and remove the stain of our sins, for we have sinned against You, dear Father.

Over us, around us and through us, dear Father, cause us to allow Your will to be the guiding force in our lives.

Now, God, our Father, we worship You—You who know our uprising and our down-sitting, our coming and our going. All praise to You, through the power of Your Son, Jesus Christ, and at the bidding of Your Holy Spirit, we pray.  Amen.

The Path Continues…


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