Encountering God…

Entering into the seeking of an encounter with God, we find ourselves with this heart-desire.

Not neglecting the assembling with others sometimes drives us to seek an encounter with God.

Concluding that God is only in a building somewhere, we go to that place to have an encounter with Him.

Overcoming the “place” mentality, we seek this encounter wherever we happen to find ourselves.

Understanding that God is Spirit and that His spirit is everywhere, we begin to think we could encounter Him anywhere.

Together, with others, or alone, where we are, we begin to seek an encounter with the one and only God.

Envisioning God in the faces of the people we meet along the paths of life, we encounter Him there.

Remembering that God is here, where we live, is a loving and fearful realization, for we can encounter God.

Instinctively knowing that encountering God should cause us to be different, we shy away from a close encounter.

Now sensing that we need this encounter, we once again seek to encounter God where we are.

Giving up our pride, we allow God, through His Son, Jesus, to change us in this encounter with Him.

Gone is the fear of the encounter, replaced by His grace for the living of these days, in the encounter with God.

Offering ourselves again, we seek more encounters with God daily—moment by moment, in fact.

Deliver us, O God, from our shrinking from encountering You, for You long for us to realize that You love to encounter us, no matter when or where we may be.

 The Path Continues…


One thought on “Encountering God…

  1. Amen! Brother Coates, you do have a way of hitting the nail on the head. “Our Father, who art in Heaven,” —– is everywhere. I really like your pictures, too.

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